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  1. There really isn’t an HR question with your post here. This is more suitable for

  2. What laws might the January 6th commission be breaking? Seriously I have no idea what he’s talking about. The committee has subpoena power and they’re using it.

  3. Their argument is that because McCarthy didn’t actually seat any members, the committee doesn’t conform to the resolution creating it, thus rendering all its actions, subpoenas, etc. illegal/invalid. Their argument is full of shit, IMO, but that’s the basic claim they make when saying it’s not a “real committee” or it’s “illegal.”

  4. This is exactly why the Democrats have to fight like hell on everything.

  5. Republicans won’t pass any laws at Federal level until there’s a Republican in the White House. While it’s not that much of a stretch to see complete Republican control come 2025, Virginia is already souring on the Republican they put in the governor’s office. If R’s go crazy in the House, they may just as quickly lose the majority in 2024.

  6. You may see it as “meh,” but if you love him to death, and after 9 years, try to imagine being back in the dating scene. Lots of things you can do to add some excitement back in, but even when I hit 7 years, and we both loved each other and cheating or other major problems weren’t an issue, I took a bit of comfort in the inevitable “meh” that I think is part of the natural ebb and flow of any long term relationship.

  7. Since you’re in CA and the family member you indicated is a grandparent, you also want to be sure you’re only deducting entitlement from employee’s CFRA bank as FMLA does not cover grandparents. Thus, employee could theoretically use 12 weeks to care for grandparent and a still have a fresh 12 weeks for own SHC or to take care of FMLA covered family member.

  8. For goodness sake — please use the search function, please. We have dozens if not more of similar posts asking the same questions regarding test prep. Thank you.

  9. PIPs are evil and aren’t meant to improve but document and cover their asses when they (likely) will move to terminate you.

  10. New to supervising - what is a better alternative? Serious question. Happy to receive website or book suggestions.

  11. Instant/constant/right-time feedback. Especially when they’ve just started. Pair them with a mentor or someone Senior on the team that can take the time to answer their questions, guide their work, etc. Using discipline/corrective action out of the gate —unless something major calls for it — is going to demotivate and discourage your employee.

  12. Either you’re doing major goof ups or the company has unrealistic expectations for new hires.

  13. Any “performance issues” that result in a PIP this quickly is likely a failure of the recruiter and/or hiring manager for not successfully screening for the right candidate or failing to explain job expectations. It’s not illegal but it certainly reflects back negatively on their culture and you may be happy to be learning this early rather than later.

  14. They said that they felt like I exaggerated my skill level on my resume. I disagree, because I know I was performing better at my old familiar environment than I am in this new one. I just need a little bit of time to get comfortable. I didn’t expect to have performance anxiety but that’s what is happening. I was improving each day but now my confidence has been shattered and I’m stressed more than ever.

  15. This is a sink or swim mentality where, regardless of skills you provided, employer does not have built in support/ training culture and expect you (everyone) to figure things out and produce immediately. My only suggestion for future positions (and you may have done this here) is to ask what at end of interview what manager’s expectations are at say, 30/60/90 day mark, or what is the biggest challenge facing the person coming into this role… or something along these lines that will give you a window into their culture and how much employees are supported. Any red flags here could be enough to reconsider a job offer.

  16. It looking for STD they will need office visit notes — ideally from psychiatrist or mental health provider. STD behavioral health claims are tough to get approved unless you are in an IOP program or admitted without documentation. You also likely need to have been started or changed medication or have very detailed observations from provider in your notes about what activities of daily living you’re not able to complete due to your condition.

  17. The in person meeting requirement has been suspended since Covid began. A brand new psychiatrist visit via telemedicine is absolutely able to escribe a controlled substance— including CII — so long as provider is licensed in your state. So, the in -person requirement the doc is quoting is not a valid reason. If this is the one who dx’d you, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want to write the script.

  18. It is not illegal but may likely violate your employer’s policies. They’re (or the state) is paying you money because you can’t work yet you’re capable of the complex process of looking for new employment?? If you’re browsing through web postings, that’s likely not going to raise alarm.

  19. This actually has a different feel to it because exposure and asymptomatic does not require isolation. And, with new CDC guidance on 5 days of isolation if positive and asymptomatic, the burden hasn’t been as bad for us. Our vaccine rate was right around 96 percent with 64 percent boosted.

  20. Someone reported this as misinformation… here’s where I got my CDC info:

  21. Where are you from? We measure time according to the speed of a hat drop, not a pin drop. A pin would be WAY faster!

  22. The pin drop thing is even better when it’s super quiet! Sprint had a great pin drop commercial back before all this new cell phone technology took hold. sigh

  23. It’s easy for a unified Republican Party agenda when you’re only intentions are to confirm judges/nominees and cut taxes (all of which requires only a simple majority vote).

  24. Post removed due to appearing to be a research / homework / course discussion question. If we are mistaken, please contact us via modmail and restate your or rephrase your question and we can review. Thank you.

  25. This whole thing went sideways but I note your willingness to take some pretty direct feedback and recognize where you may have stumbled.

  26. This post technically goes against the rules of this subreddit, but there are some good replies with feedback that might prove valuable to you and others. Going to lock this for further comments and reports. Good luck in your search!

  27. It is. Huse has zero authority to do it, city council, nor the county health board has voted for it because it would have stopped by the mayor. She is a unelected wannabe tyrant that unilaterally did this simply becsue she thinks she can by fiat, not to mention totally caving in to the commie teachers unions locally. It's a political farce from a unelected left-coast bureaucrat

  28. She is absolutely granted this authority under Omaha city code 12-21, which states: "The health director shall take all measures necessary to prevent the introduction within the city of malignant, contagious and infectious diseases."

  29. My crystal ball is in the shop, or I'd prove you wrong.

  30. It’s always something ;-) If you need a ball to look into…. Jkjkjk.

  31. The date on the forms says the 14th. I tried to ask about it and I got attitude. I asked why it was the 14th and what would happen if my doctor couldn't do it by then. I was told they could Monday and if not then it would be dealt with on a day by day basis.

  32. EDIT: when did you actually request the leave and what info did you provide them? Did you clearly state it was for yourself, the date the leave would begin, and whether it would continuous vs intermittent??

  33. I requested Thursday. I did state it was for me and it would be for continuous 2 weeks. I couldnt give a start date.

  34. Ok. Understood. You definitely have 15 days from them sending you the forms. Your provider is going to need to give a leave begin date, so I hope you’re able to get that squared away when you have paperwork turned in. (I understand that if it’s something like not knowing when a spot will open, etc. a firm date isn’t possible until you get word you’re good to go…just make sure the earliest possible leave date is used and then it can be modified if necessary—you can’t be forced to take leave you don’t need at that time—but this cert will still establish the serious health condition and best estimate of dates).

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