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  1. What an innocent little fucking angel

  2. If you can get a person attracted to you by typing some words that is powerful indeed.

  3. Are you high? Don’t ever purchase that clown, or any other clown’s course. Just use free content then go outside and apply yourself. Plus being good at texting is overrated. Calling girls and having a nice long convo with them makes sealing the deal so easy it’s almost like a cheat code. She’ll be dam near begging to meet you

  4. I could sell so many cars if only they'd come to my dealership

  5. Eggs scrambled with blue cheese, granny smith apple and a glass of water like any other upstanding sociopath

  6. Probably instagone unless you dodge

  7. What does Clarence Thomas even support? He's infringed upon rights, and freedoms but does he actually further anything?

  8. I'll try cause there's a lot but here are some red flags for girls looking for serious relationship that may be less obvious to guys:

  9. Bro why are shirtless guys on the news for getting the most matches?

  10. Love books as well reading ready player one rn

  11. I’ll take “obvious things we should already know” for $500, Alex!!! So we should not traumatize our kids if we don’t want them to be depressed!?

  12. I raise you token "man the fuck up" or "I heard therapy helps" empathetic comments from blood relatives

  13. On a serious note, meditation has helped me reach a more balanced mental state. I highly recommend it for anyone on the fence or unaware of its benefits!

  14. Conservatives aren't representative of Americans at all. They are a minority of America using cheating tactics to win elections.

  15. Conservatives haven't won the popular vote since 2000. That's a cold hard fact, and the gap between their electoral college wins and the votes has been widening ever since From a mere thousand people in '00 to 7 million in 2020. If the trend continues, conservatives will never get elected again unless they change voting laws RADICALLY

  16. As a conservative I’m all for gay and trans people in society. But you’re looking at far right and left and seeing it as a norm which it isn’t

  17. "Seeing it as norm" weird way of saying cold hard facts but ok, champ.

  18. Aesthetically yeah but unsure if they actually resemble the og sc races

  19. I would honestly be surprised if someone tried to make a starcraft ripoff today including the op races i mentioned.

  20. HotS is probably the closest thing to an RPG imo. The story was a lot of fun and I think it made the campaign a lot of fun the way they made it with all the evolutions, also made replaying it with different units/evolves/strains a lot of fun :)

  21. This covid thing, we're all in this together, right guys?

  22. Wallow in self pity and deprecation. Then ask random guys on reddit about their reactions.

  23. Green gentrification will be the story of our lives boys and girls I can't stress this enough

  24. For me an OP strategy is a rush of Humvees / Battlemasters loaded with 1 sniper unit and 4 rocket troops in each one. Essentially nothing is able to survive for long. Ground troops? Sniper wipes them out. Armour? Rocket troops demolish them. Air? Again, rocket troops clear the skies.

  25. Humvee cheese is awesome. It's why people thought act of war USA was imba too

  26. SS: Short video by the BBC on Luciano, a food delivery driver in Sao Paolo. Between inflation, the cost of gasoline, and the meagre amount he makes in the first place, he regularly eats at a food kitchen and sleeps on the streets. What little money he makes, he sends to his son 3,000 km away. Welcome to the gig economy. We'll all be part of it soon.

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