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  1. Growth mindset: I don’t contribute to society yet.

  2. Please, Hypnotoad, it's beyond my control. No! Don't make me kill myseIf!

  3. I know that it’s morally convenient to paint anyone richer than you as evil because then your hatred feels justified, but I don’t really think any of them are evil. Suck would be the most twisted one of them, stealing data, stealing Facebook, contributing to the deep political rifts of the nation. But no one strikes me as evil.

  4. Baseball is my 4th favorite. It goes football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey

  5. She’s like way too overrated I feel

  6. No are you insulting people with mental disabilities?

  7. Mac Jones will lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl appearance in his rookie year.

  8. It means nothing. But you have to make it mean something.

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