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School lunch in California (free)

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  1. French people don't need a lot of convincing to protest anything they dont like.

  2. I wish American workers were as passionate about their working rights as the French are proving to be. It only accounts for a third of your total time alive. This isn't just about the working age being increased, it's a statement that the average person is considered to be worth less if they are not actively making businesses money. Screw them for having the audacity to try and take more from people

  3. Hello! Sorry for taking so long to see this. I had turned notifications off and didn't realize

  4. How special do you have to be, as an omnipotent and omniscient being, to get tricked into losing almost all your power creating something?

  5. I always saw it kind of like dwarves from Lord of the Rings. Before they were given actual souls by the supreme God of the universe, dwarves were just very fancy automatons. They appeared to act and think, but they were controlled subconsciously by their creator Aule the Smithing god. It wasn't until Eru gave them souls that they were independently active.

  6. Honestly, after looking through the sub, I think it's cute.

  7. Was not expecting something this wholesome

  8. NORAD has been tracking it since it launched. There is no test here. Both we, and china, have spy satellites. Why would any reasonable person think that a possible spy balloon poses any more threat than the satellites in orbit?

  9. Fear mongering gets more viewers which means more money, unfortunately

  10. When I first started cooking, I thought a clove was an entire bulb

  11. It may as well be in my kitchen

  12. i think the primeval current is the gravitational pull of a super massive black hole in the center of their galaxy, the gravity itself not being observed directly but its effects on stars and celestial bodies by way of those bodies being moved in a sort of cosmic current towards the hole.

  13. Interesting theory, I like it! Fits with Azur becoming more "comet" like. and Lusat becoming more like an Astel. Also ties in with the Astel's ability to generate gravity strong enough to warp space and teleport. I'm working on my own theory with the Primeval Current being space itself, or more precisely the Luminiferous Aether, the medium that fills space itself. A cosmic current that carries starlight if you will. It was a theory that had some prominence around the same time Einstein was doing his thing. Fascinating stuff.

  14. Yeah I'm pretty sure what happened is Godwyn dies, so everyone gets together, but by the time they convene, Marika has shattered the Elden Ring. So Morgott's like "Guys, DON'T kill each other to steal each other's Great Runes, okay?" and then everyone leaves to gather an army to kill each other and steal each other's Great Runes.

  15. When put like this it really feels like the shattering is a very recent event. Like, it's certainly been a decade or three since the Marika brought the hammer down, but not the hundreds or thousands of years I hear people throwing out sometimes.

  16. No, but we actually don't have confirmation that she is either.

  17. Why would he need to have her before becoming Elden Lord? He was in the badlands for an undetermined amount of time before seemingly dying, then being resurrected around the time of the game. While we only fight him at the end, he could have been returned for a respectable amount of time. Nepheli being born around this time is as probable as her being a distance descendant I feel.

  18. Why would he need to have her before becoming Elden Lord? He was in the badlands for an undetermined amount of time before seemingly dying, then being resurrected around the time of the game. While we only fight him at the end, he could have been returned for a respectable amount of time. Nepheli being born around this time is as probable as her being a distance descendant I feel.

  19. Poetic that a tarnished destined to be Elden Lord of the Golden Order should have so many friends among the graceless. Latenna the Albinauric, Roderika who never once saw grace, and Hewg the misbegotten smith to name a few.

  20. maybe that's why he got depressed (at least partly)

  21. Like the other commenter said, I think he became depressed from the monotony of his life. Ironic that Squidward the artiste showed a lack of creativity

  22. Last game I ran was a party of murderhobo's, so likely a siege

  23. Probably with other best boy, Jaime

  24. Now this is a message I can get behind

  25. What if hypothetically there Is a 3 tiddied waifu (dont want to know if that actually exists thank you)

  26. Multiboob is a decently common fetish believe it or not. Not really my taste, but to each there own

  27. Uhum, ex-cuse me. Right click image, save as

  28. I'm in the middle. I'm complaining about the distribution of opinions.

  29. I feel like what you may really want is for people to be understanding of each other, with a willingness to compromise. People who tread the middle path, in anything, tend to be more thoughtful of opinions that differ from their own, not for any special reason but just because when you try and walk the fine line you kind of have to take note of the opinions and stances you're walking along with.

  30. If people were willing to compromise, they would be centrists, center-left, or center-right, not far-left and far-right lunatics.

  31. Hmm... I would argue that compromise with a Nazi is impossible without moving the line. Same for most extremes that come with oppression baked in to the ideology. I disagree though on centrism being the 'default' so to speak. I think what we see these days, and in most eras to be fair, is an "Us vs Them" mentality. Demonization of an other to rally support for the Us. In this way, it's less the distribution (which I still agree is askew in the modern world, but more as a symptom than the source), than the distributor. More specifically, the interests of the distributor(s), leading to stratification of ideals over time.

  32. As a Californian, I'm fine paying Federal taxes if it goes towards feeding needy kids in other states, including red states.

  33. It's things like this that make me wish they would break down where your taxes are going when you file them every year. I feel like people would be much less upset about it if they could see the good that there money does. Sure not all of it is going to a cause you support, the military and some policies come to mind for many, but if a significant portion went to programs like this one where kids and the needy are given actual food instead of mayonnaise sandwiches, it would be easier to stomach in my mind.

  34. I actually made a pretty large theory post about the sun already if you want to check it out. But yea there’s tons of evidence as to the suns importance in the lands between that the community has weirdly overlooked.

  35. Interesting... I've been getting curious about the Sun's place in the cosmology of ER. The moon as you said features prominently, as do every other kind of celestial body. Raya Lucaria are all about them stars and comets, and a school is dedicated to meteors, which the Elden Beast basically rode in on. There's that one trailer that says the Elden Ring commanded the stars, which brings up a whole new area of theory for the Greater Will and whether it's benevolent but distant, or indifferent and the Elden Beast is the cause of the failures in the Lands Between.

  36. It seems to be a common theory that people believe that the Sun is the GW. Personally, I think there’s lots of in game evidence that makes this seem a little illogical. I already convinced another guy that raise this point in this thread, so I’m going to do a little copy and paste if you don’t mind. Anyways I’m not saying your 100% wrong or anything, just with the evidence I’ve found it doesn’t line up right, anyways here was my reasoning:

  37. This did more emotional damage to me than anything, i dont want to betray my boi :(

  38. Maliketh legit deserves a hug. Imagine betraying Blaidd like that? And then realizing that Marika betrayed him too, but he remains loyal to her. The shadows of the empyreans got the short end of the stick to be sure.

  39. Tbf, the explicit goal of the tarnished, ordained by God himself as far as they know, is to become the worst stepfather in history and bang their eternally hot mom by killing their old step-dad while putting the family trust fund back together and returning it to their moms tree house.

  40. Me, who never did anything anyway and never noticed a change:

  41. Meanwhile me, who secretly enjoyed the serenity it brought, and how society was forced to slow down for once instead of the endless demands to speed up and do more. Mostly corporations and the like.

  42. The world experienced a massive, collective trauma and instead of taking time to process it it’s like we’ve all decided to just move on like nothing happened

  43. This is actually a really good point that isn't brought up often. Covid was a legit worldwide traumatic event.

  44. Bisexual Bigender Downbad Rat energy 👉👈

  45. I read bigender as Big-Ender, and had a laugh.

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