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  1. I've got bad news for you. It's not the game, it's your Elite Controller 2 I'm afraid. I also have an Elite, mainly play Destiny 2 and 2K21/23. I noticed after about 6 months that my swing was way off sometimes and at the same time started seeing some controller drift in D2. Under warranty so sent it to Microsoft for free repair. Worked fine for another 5 months then saw the same problems so sent it back again as still just in warranty period. This time they sent me back a totally new Elite 2 and you guessed it ...6 months down the line it had drift again🙄 I use a normal wireless controller now as I can buy 3 of those for every crappy Elite 2!

  2. Pretty sure it's on the first or second page of top rated or trending before you get to the really good LiDAR courses a few pages on...

  3. I've explained it in a separate post...there is no compression algorithm this time. I don't know if it's a mistake or if they have done it on purpose ☹️

  4. Hi guys. I can't currently port some of the courses because of the issues with the designer. New and Jubilee, and the Himalayas(!) will make it to 2K21, and rather excitingly the Reverse version of the OC which I'm currently finishing's great fun!

  5. Most designers will port their courses under the same name. However there are some serious issues with porting over this time around as the course files on more intricate designs (especially real courses built using LiDAR data) are coming in with massive object meters which don't allow publishing in the new version, and issues with floating and repositioned trees, so an awful lot of work may be required unless HB come up with a patch. I won't be porting the vast majority of my courses for this reason.

  6. Yeah it's basically laser mapping that we can use in the designer to create courses that are as accurate as any game developer might use for their licensed courses. The main limitation on the difference between a developer licensed course and one made by us is in all the objects they choose not to give us in the course creator but the actual geometry of the course will be the same.

  7. I don't really get why everyone gets so bent out of shape by Augusta? There are plenty of great versions in the game and since we finally got LiDAR data back in March we've been able to finally create the real course for ourselves. And it's great...but there are so many other amazing courses to play!

  8. Crail GS, Balcomie(Lidar) Crail GS, Craighead (L) Castle Course, Fife (L) The Golf House Club, Elie Castle Stuart (lidar) Carnegie Club, Skibo (L) Bamburgh Castle GC (L) Goswick Golf Club (lidar) The OC, Fife(Lidar) 144th

  9. Many. I recently published a LiDAR version with the pins from the 144th Open called

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