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  1. 1st I love ur username. 2nd I’ve never heard of that one. I might not be old enough for this one

  2. Actually I looked it up and it wasn't a 1-900 number like I thought it was but I was talking about this:


  4. I (MtF, 18, reddit scholar) believe that that redditor may be one of the most cultured redditors on the platform. Send many updoots, fellow redditors!

  5. Grils. You know, sexy grils of sexxit, what was the most sexxie big Chungus keanue reeves le secks that you ever sexed and how big are your boobs and how deep is your vagina and how far can you squirt and do you have an onlyfans and this is how Bernie can still win so are you a gril sex or not?

  6. How did we even let this happen? This guy was once known exclusively as the host of a show where people ate horse cock for money and now he’s somehow a prominent voice in American culture. What in the hell

  7. I'm amazed anyone would take his thoughts on health seriously. The guy is a comedian. I think he's even said he doesn't really know what he's talking about. I think people who watch his show should treat it as entertainment only.

  8. I think veganism is too extreme. Cutting down is fine but never eating meat seems unrealistic.

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