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  1. I was a grandkid whose grandparents didn't want to make an effort, they were pretty clear about it too. It was... complicated. Too complicated for kids, it didn't exactly contribute to a happy childhood to know your grandparents are completely uninterested even when you actually try. I don't know, maybe talk to your kid about it if she's old enough, ask her what she wants.

  2. As a gentlemen, I always lick the dishes and the table clean.

  3. At high speeds, a larger gap is a better gap. But yes, it is often seen as an invite to squeeze in.

  4. Imagine your friend asking what you were doing last weekend and you just say ''yeah i was just throwing my kids out of the window"

  5. Wife is asking aren't I more important than the children?

  6. I think kids are also easier to throw than the wife, I think.

  7. Definitely follow up on the trees. Depending on the type, size and age they can be worth big bucks.

  8. The Treelaw subreddit is very helpful, wouldn't hurt to check it out.

  9. Nope, NTA. You have some inconsiderate people living next to you.

  10. Cum eating. Sorry, guys, but it doesn't taste nice. Don't know why so many pretend it does.

  11. Lots of people like them, I guess.... I don't see the need to drive one either, the roads are pretty great here. Must just be a toy thing, just like some sport cars. I drove a sprinter van for the first time a while ago during a move, it was pretty fun, but I'll just stick to my old station wagon.

  12. An adult should be able to follow the rules of debate and listen when the chair says time is up.

  13. Yeah... even a kid is expected to be able to shut up when told. Imagine this one in your class...

  14. You talked to the kids beforehand, I think that is amazing. So glad she said yes and that the kids are on board! Congratulations! Too bad about the projectile poop snail trail though, I hope you feel better soon!

  15. 7+ hours is way too long imo, and I don't mind hearing music from neighbours at all so that's saying something.

  16. Lmao, yeah, to us, that is a 'berg' which translates to 'mountain'. Everything is flat here, after all.

  17. It's a pregnancy app, not a 'pretty mirror for a narcisist' app.

  18. I looked up in my lease and the complex has quiet hours from 10pm - 8am. I’ve tried calling my complex multiple times but they seem to be useless. There’s not really an area outside of the complex or close by that they would be able to park.

  19. As the other commenter said, call the police to see if you can file a complaint. And while you're at it, ask them what actions they recommend if it happens again. Calling the emergency line seems over the top but it is still excessive noise, and they do come out for that in some situations. Best to call the non-emergency line and ask for their advice. Maybe the city too.

  20. I looked up the denver city ordinance laws and there’s something in there about vehicle alarms going off more than 3 times over the course of a week.

  21. Cool, I hope that works. I had a neighbour across the street whose car would go off 5 times per night. In the beginning he came out to turn the alarm off, but after two days, he let it run its course. It took gathering over 13 neighbours to convince him we were all losing sleep and getting more irrational the less we slept. He finally got it fixed when a guy threatenened him with a lead pipe at 4 am. I really hope it doesn't come to that, while I was happy with the result, the method to achieve it was... impolite, to say the least.

  22. That cat is terrified, the posture as it walks says it all. Shouldn't have taken the cat to the dogpark. Don't put your animal through stress like that to make a cute video. What if there was a dog with a strong hunting instinct? It could have gone very wrong.

  23. Put prayer back in school is so dumb to me. Like it’s shoving your religion down ppls throats and separation of church and state.

  24. What did prayer ever achieve anyway? Maybe some reflection, which I suspect was the intended use back in the old days, but never anything concrete.

  25. Maybe she can go back to school and pray for a basic understanding of the English language.

  26. Or pick up a dictionary. But that word might be too difficult. She needs to pick up a wordy word book. There, that should clarify it.

  27. Dutchie here, that was not very smart. Unless you are a bmx artist or something, stairs that high cannot be ridden down on a regular bicycle without falling on your face. Three or four steps, maybe, if you're very experienced. The speed and weight distribution due to the angle you're travelling on is going to cause you to go ass over tea kettle. Same way using only the handbrake for the front wheel when trying to come to an abrupt stop on a level road will send you over the handle bar.

  28. Sorry, lady, but you made the wrong call. This could have been prevented with a vaccine and you choose not to, you accepted the risks, and now reap the results.

  29. iirc then cats can get pregnant from multiple cat dads, so it would be possible to have one kitten which is part maine coon and so on... but it would be weird because maine coons usually don't run around outside.

  30. Agreed, it can vary. But in the end, it's still a mixed cat. If a dog has puppies, you don't have one labrador, one golden retiever, one pitbull, and one dachshund, for example. Same for cats. They can have mixed genes for sure, and one sibling can have more of one breed than another, but that doesn't make them that breed. Unless mom was a maine coon too and ran into an unneutered maine coon tomcat (highly unlikely) the kitten is still mixed.

  31. i wish i did :( we got her off of craigslist from some lady who didn’t want her anymore she did tell me that her brother was maine coon though

  32. Well, you cannot have a momma cat with a litter where one of them is maine coon and one isn't, so that lady definitely didn't know what she was talking about. That said, it is still possible there is some maine coon in there if one of the parent cats was one.

  33. I don't think what's going on is "definitely a sure way to cause harm", but I will agree that the head should be supported more because of the floppy neck thing.

  34. Have you ever picked up a baby less than a year old? Their heads make up a very large part of their overal weight and they need to develop the muscles in their necks for a few months before they can even hold their heads up by themselves, let alone manage motions like the ones in the video. Please don't ever try this, it will injure the baby, there is no room for doubt here.

  35. Sorry mate, unless you're a paediatrician, I'm not going to agree with you.

  36. No baby can live inside a dead woman. It is only alive because the mother is. And that should be painfully obvious even without BASIC knowledge of biology and pregnancy. What a clown.

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