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  1. Person B Chose to buy stock and not enjoy life. Dies early and never gets to enjoy the money.

  2. I'm holding because I have nothing better to do

  3. Means nothing. More senseless hype. Getting kinda annoying now.

  4. Been due for MOASS a long time now 🤣 Still here tho. It'll happen eventually.

  5. Patrick: it's ok rocky, take your time :)

  6. What's the point of selling now lol. Majority holders are red. I got 50 years left. I got time

  7. Pump and dump. Buy puts while they cheap

  8. How the fuck am I losing money today?????

  9. People getting rich today...and I'm losing money.

  10. Let's be real now...this movement isn't special to GME. It's market wide. Hard to get hyped when every stock is booming...

  11. Yeah, maybe Samsung is shifting the US market towards non-incentivized releases (like many other countries). Even so, I still feel they missed the mark at finding the sweet spot here. I'm sure Samsung has done plenty of DD into the matter though. I will definitely be voting with my wallet for this release. I don't blame samsung, but I will be considering other options now when it comes to my next phone assuming a better deal can't be found. I don't want to rely on 2 year carrier contracts each release to get a fair deal. I'd prefer to buy it outright

  12. Sounds like what the car industry has been doing....

  13. This year's S23 deals are shit. Trade-in for my s22 ultra for $500 that I paid $300 that came with buds, case, and watch. Now i get $150 credit, not sure where the $50 for reservation is...The site is giving all sorts of different figures to save up $1000 but how?

  14. In her own little world of followers, it means something I guess lol. Like a celebrity

  15. You can literally buy a used phone on Amazon. The lowest model phone that qualifies for $1000 trade in value and trade that in..

  16. Samsung offering $780 for the iPhone 14 pro max tells me everything about their motive.

  17. $500 for my S22 ultra ......fuck off samsung. Definitely won't be upgrading now for a while.

  18. honestly. idc much about all that, just give me $1000 for my S22U and im a happy man. they cant even do that. no hope left

  19. If they gave $1000 for my S22 ultra. No doubt I would've upgraded.

  20. Don't upgrade. Wait for the S24. This phone is a gimmick. Smoke and mirrors

  21. doesn't sound like a crash is coming.

  22. How can we squeeze when we move directly with the spy?

  23. Meta call buyers gonna eat well tomorrow :(

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