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  1. NFs are just wired differently. I've always been a tomboy, INFJ (F). Another gal at my work is an ENFP, and a lesbian.

  2. The Spirit of God is only available through Jesus, and this is the only Spirit that saves us. Be careful about familiar spirits, as the warning is given to us - and this is fallen angels that come off as angels of light. Any spirit that is not loyal to the Lord, is a fallen angel. I can hear spirits too, but I know what they are. There is one gift in the Bible called discernment of spirits. God warns us to resist fallen angels. It is God alone who is on our side, and Eternal Life is only with Him.

  3. Lending a helping hand to killing people's offspring. Is that the work of a friend?

  4. Well if their helping people who are minor who are raped seems like that is a help of a friend

  5. Most aren't victims of rape, but they end a child's life due to inconvenience to their own lives - but even that is a poor excuse to end another person's life. Consider that adoption should be an option. It's one thing to choose to end your own life, and another thing to end someone else's.

  6. Or in other words, you lack moderation and self control. That's how you should put it.

  7. As an INFJ, I feel like I am too controlled of myself at times, where I am hyper-observant of all my doings. It's not that I can't relax, but when I have things to do at work especially, I can be very time-conscious - whereas the Perceivers I have worked with tend to be less consciously aware of time and planning around it. My ISFP manager did tell me that I was "too intense" last year. He has since then, not spoken about my intensity as a negative trait.

  8. The things you described don't have much to do with self control at all. You described first hyperawareness of self, which is not a typical INFJ thing to experience whatsoever, so I am guessing you meant 'hyperfixation'.

  9. The term hyper-fixation is new to me, and maybe that is what it is. I'm not usually perceived as being intense, when I am not at work. I think it's because of the nature of my work that I feel compelled to be in this mode. Though I do have to pick up the slack for other employees. When they choose not to do something, and relax, well the work falls on me, and the work isn't balanced or evenly distributed. I've put a lot on myself, but if I didn't our work would not be accomplished. I tend to associate self-control with discipline, because discipline is something that I have to force myself to do. I don't see myself as more capable than others, but I do think I care more, and I push myself more. I don't think moderation, or really just slowing down and doing less applies to my job -- because like I said, things just wouldn't get accomplished.

  10. CS Joseph has nothing to do with MBTI, I’m a little unsure on what you’re talking about. CS Joseph’s system is called 4 sides. I wouldn’t listen to him, he constantly changes his system and his views are biased from pain in his past. Even his biggest supporters who I know (who talk directly to him) disagree with his typings of them and they have abided to and studied his system for years. He’s very sexist and believes the man should have many women while the woman only has the man and his ex wife took his children from him and don’t like him. I wouldn’t take relationship advice from him

  11. That's true. He has developed his own system, which I find to be confusing. I don't even agree with a number of people who he has MBTI typed.

  12. We can all note patterns in a sampling of people, and it's okay to note things, but our lives are not cookie-cutter. We only become part of a mold, if that is the mold that we create and conform into. I've watched several of his videos, and one video that he did on INFJs was particularly bitter and resentful. I think it's good for us to all note our blindspots, and none of us are coming to the table with a full-stack. We are all a bit off kilter. People who have what they desire, are typically those who are continuously moving towards what they want - and have learned discipline.

  13. If I had a good team (including boss and colleagues), of course I would like to be paid more, but if I am being life-sucked, and treated like a pack-mule, then of course I would be willing to take a pay cut. Not too long ago, I left a job that paid me a little more and was close to where I lived, and went back to a job that paid me less and I had to travel 40 minutes to work and back home everyday. Factors are important, but ultimately I would rather be independent, and not under the thumb and mercy of another person. The only person who I want lording over me is the Lord.

  14. Dr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, the Ventriloquist, Catwoman --- look more like cartoons, especially with disproportionate bodies, pinheads....etc... I don't mind them giving Bruce Wayne blue eyes, though his brown eyes weren't bad either -- but I don't like that he looks like he has chicken legs carrying a boulder body. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger knew he had to build up his legs to improve his physique.

  15. This should be the picture that makes it on Time Magazine. And it was the Corona of all things that managed to make it through.

  16. Some other information, there were two different denominational groups on board -- the Puritans and the Pilgrims, and they are often confused as being the same denomination. Puritans were Calvinists, and these days they tend to go by "Reformed." Puritans believed in Manifest Destiny and Dominion Theology, whereas Pilgrims believed themselves to be "pilgrims" in the world - meaning they saw themselves as foreigners. People came to the USA for all kinds of reasons: for the hope of prosperity, for freedom, for adventure, and some even for conquest....etc.... The thirteen colonies were under the jurisdiction of Christian denominations -- "some" I would argue could be called cults. A person from another denomination wouldn't want to find themselves in the borders of another group. While the Quaker were known for being very embracing, the Puritans were followers of John Calvin, who was a follower of St. Augustine, a man who believed in persecuting non-believers. From the Puritans, you get the Salem Witch trials, and even the burning alive of a Christian man, a scientist named Michael Servetus - whose only crime was not agreeing with their interpretations of the Scriptures on certain points.

  17. I don't mind this vaccine, but not unproven vaccines that use people like guinea pigs, mRna vaccines masquerading as normal vaccines, vaccines with human diploid tissue from aborted babies, thimerosal...etc...

  18. There is actually a list of vaccines that contain human fetal cells. It's difficult to find any vaccines that don't.

  19. Here for this comment. No electrical. No plumbing. No walls, kitchen, bathroom or even windows. They built a really big shed aka a barn.

  20. True, though my cousin's grandfather converted his airplane hanger into a house when his wife divorced him and kept their house.

  21. Source, please? Kelly is not a Hebrew word. There are some Hebrew words that sound similar but they are not names. The word for prison in Hebrew is pronounced BET KE-le which last half sounds similar to Kelly but is not the same word and not exactly the same sound. It's more of a Kel-Lay sound instead of a Kel-Lee sound.

  22. Bet/Beit/Beth means House. Kelly is close enough to count to the Hebrew meaning of it. Kun/Con means to establish. Kyle/Chayil (Ka-yeel) is also basically the same thing - meaning soldier in Hebrew. Sheth/Seth means appointed. Shaul/Shaal - same name. Simon/Shimon/Simeon/Shimeon. This list goes on.

  23. But sometimes football is handball, and when it is handball is it still football?

  24. Some people have a shell that protects a very delicate thing. You wouldn't fault a tortoise for having a carapace. Our hearts are available, but not to all. I don't know about other INFJs, but as far as I am concerned, I can be kind to all people, but I don't view all people as friendlies. I know that some people are wolves, even those in my own family. Though I don't think that humans take on something defensive, if they didn't feel the need to. I do think my own upbringing, and not feeling safe around my dad, produced some issues that I had to deal with throughout life - like panic attacks in social situations -- which took years to get over. You protect the part of you, that you think can get hurt - and you protect what you value. INFJs desire to be authentic to all, but tend to test the waters. If you build up trust with the tortoise, then it will be more open with you. Though I am kind, that doesn't mean that I cannot take a very strong stand, that seems uncharacteristic of me.

  25. This is really the employer's fault. People don't have to come to work if they are not scheduled. But also, anyone could have called out due to "illness" and the business would have to be forced to keep their doors closed on that day due to lack of available workers.

  26. Sean Connery, that is funny. Also Solomon didn't do just one bad thing, but many. When he decided to be disloyal and unfaithful to God, then that gift of wisdom didn't work for him anymore. Nevertheless, his father David did much less evil, but suffered much more than Solomon ever did for his wrong doing.

  27. The USA was supposed to be a different place on earth, one that wouldn't allow totalitarianism.

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