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  1. That guy did realize that the Spanish are White, right?

  2. ... didn't the Moors rule Spain, Portugal, and Italy for 500 years?

  3. Well, yes. But you don’t see many people (these days anyway) saying that the Portuguese and Italians aren’t White. But for some reason people confuse “Spanish” as meaning “Latino” when that’s just not the case.

  4. I guess I'm not sure what qualifies as white. Do Norwegians and Swedes consider Spaniards and Italians to be the same race as them, despite springing from different gene pools?

  5. Do you care about music? If so, then what could it possibly matter if modular is a fad to some people?

  6. Great idea, like a "ratemyprofessor".

  7. Doom folk? There is a little bit of drone in there, but it’s not really related to the doom music.

  8. Yeah, I think you're spot on. It's a lazy term for a genre.

  9. would be a fm synth with a extended version of the sy77/sy99 engine with wavetables,user wavetables, the capacity to convert patchs into wavetables,attenuverters,wavefolder,ring modulators,effects(reverb,chorus,phasers,etc) and a high integrated modmatrix(modulate almost everything)

  10. This is close to what I was thinking. Sy77/99 so that I can FM samples, mixed with a Hydrasynth, mixed with a suped-up PWM Malevolent.

  11. Homeostasis is a set of human states where both the body and the mind begin the healing process.

  12. Yeah, I'm sorry if this is offensive, but Ruby Snap fucking destroys all of these new trendy cookie joints. Leaves 'em in the dust.

  13. There are a lot of commercial spaces that are hard to rent right now, because of people opting to work from home. Both New York and San Francisco are hiding entire cities worth of unused spaces because of this, and many landlords are desperate to rent their properties. They have a dwindling pool of renters who are willing to pay for such overhead.

  14. Anyone who judges you for having less than them is complete scum, and there's no reason to let that ruin your day. However, I think to some degree you're projecting here and most aren't judging as much as you think. Sure, there are a lot of assholes in this world but I think more people who see you struggle probably feel sympathy for your situation than any sort of negative reaction.

  15. The real tragedy is that they are likely not scum. In the other areas (the dominant part) of their lives, they are probably kind and forgiving to those that they deem to be "worthy" of it.

  16. Recreation Outlet on State near 3100 S.

  17. The Homeless Youth Resource Center (HYRC) is always looking for people to help prepare meals and sort donations.

  18. Kefir is cheap, also. And 10 times better for your gut than yogurt.

  19. Do I trust the Earth to heal my body and my mind more than big pharma?

  20. Really, there are people in trucks who will tailgate you in any lane. If you are not exiting fast enough for their liking, they will tailgate you the entire way, as if they have been commanded by Jesus to do so.

  21. There are also people in sports cars who will do the same thing. It's just entitlement, and it comes in many forms.

  22. Yes, of course it comes in many forms. I'm just identifying one, and you want to pull the discussion in another direction for some reason.

  23. Information is now the fat of the land. That ThinkPad is enough of a "knife" for anyone who knows how to properly use it.

  24. Talk to a social worker. There are housing programs in every state that are dedicated to people with disabilities.

  25. I wished Mehmet Our luck once when he played for the Utah Jazz. That's about as close as we got to the "threat" part of the conversation.

  26. It's always traumatic when people cannot live up to their own principles, and go against their sacred word.

  27. Because you’re being dramatic. I feared for my life is a RIDICULOUS statement to make about Ogden.

  28. Not everyone is as tough as you. I think that's pretty effed up that you would clown someone's trauma like that.

  29. Don't listen to them. Ogden has plenty of good areas.

  30. Oh, I've had a grudge against microwaves for a long, long time.

  31. Some people are able to keep their cats. But it is very difficult to do so without traumatizing them.

  32. Even if it doesn't fit the timeline that you're on, you must apply for SSDI so that you can avail yourself to more income.

  33. Laying hold on peace for yourself often includes a lot of goodbyes.

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