1. There was an otter exhibiting behavior just like this at Steamer Lane on Thursday! It aggressively chased at least three surfers from their boards, and lay atop one of the boards for a few minutes. One of the folks who got chased off their board said it bit their foot, and there were some serious bite marks one of the other surfers’ foam boards. This was a single otter, with no kits or other otters around.

  2. Haha I remember reading the article in another sub :)

  3. Nah. Spread that word. We care. I'm a breeder and use autos in crosses all the time. This stuff matters.

  4. In all honesty I’m pretty sure my plant was shooting off nanners cause it was stressed I have a wedding cheesecake that’s struggling in the same tent, I didn’t see any balls on it so I don’t know if it’s a true Herm

  5. I like Fastbudz, night owl and mephisto as far as autoflowers, and right now I just got some Mz.Jill seeds som I’m excited to see what will come of that.

  6. I went ahead and tried to pick as many as I could with tweezers but I just figured worst case scenario I’ll have a few autoflower seeds in the end

  7. I just got my seeds in the mail and I’m super excited to grow them :))

  8. Haha. I genuinely hate driving on the 17 but maybe I’ll make a day of it

  9. My girlfriend and I always make a 99 ranch day where we go to San Jose and get a ton of groceries. They just opened a super nice one in oakridge mall

  10. See you just growing one plant under your SF1000?

  11. Noob question but how do you order from meph direct to get their freebies?

  12. Amazing video can’t wait to see what the harvest looks like :)

  13. Just got a sf1000 - do you have any height/strength recommendations? I’m hoping to grow 3 autos in 3 gallon pots underneath it

  14. These 2 plants are in 5 gallon pots so I’m sure it’s possible to run 3 but the light isn’t the strongest so 3 plants might not end up being the most dense but to be fair this is my first grow with the light so who knows maybe it’ll be fine :)

  15. When starting them off keep the light at about 40% then at about week 2 pump it to 60% and a bout 12” away and just as the plants get bigger slowly turn it to 100

  16. Beautiful plants :) what breeder did you get your seeds from

  17. As far as I am aware Daz hasnt actually WORKED for meph for a long time. Regardless

  18. Yeah dude I just read that it’s pretty insane I thought completely differently pretty sad tbh

  19. Yeah I thought they were at least on okay terms but guess I was wrong, I just wonder if it is a recent thing or not tbh.

  20. Yeah hopefully they’ll be able to go public with the issue so we have a better understanding

  21. Quit the opposite. We are not allowed to disclose what happened unfortunately, I wish people could know the whole story. Yes most of his lineup is Mephisto crosses, that is one of many reasons we are not on good terms.

  22. Oh damn I thought he still worked under meph and was just doing his own side hustle I didn’t realize things got weird /:

  23. I live in Europe, The Netherlands is my only hope but i couldn’t bring back seeds from there to my home country unfortunately unless i drive!

  24. Take a look at these ones they say where they will ship to I’m sure you’ll be able to find something :)


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