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  1. This is definitely a part of it. It's also that there are a lot of crazy anti-vaxxers who think that viruses are not real and those loud voices do a lot of harm to those of us who are just arguing that experimental drugs, vaccines or otherwise, are dangerous, as well as the overriding supreme argument that it is a person's human right to informed consent and bodily autonomy that this is really about anyway.

  2. Thank you! You have succinctly and cogently presented what I consider my own position on this whole pro-vax/anti-vax controversy.

  3. she will be fine just like billions of others.

  4. Unless she isn' tens of thousands of others!

  5. No, not work related, but "mandate" related in a different way. She MUST travel to Europe very soon and many countries will not accept travelers who are not vaccinated.

  6. Well? Can you explain why people are complaining when they’re not even intending to get it?

  7. Still you are not addressing the points in the video....guess you probably did not even watch it, did you?

  8. I rarely watch videos on social media. I prefer to look at the source material. Where can I see his research?

  9. Typical response.... cannot bother to be faced with information that could possibly contradict your already set-in-stone view on these flawed Covid vaccines. This only reinforces my opinion of you---you are either willfully blind or "bought".

  10. That maybe the case I admit. The fact remains that the unjabbed people I know (including myself) have no regrets about remaining unjabbed. We see horrific injuries, we see horrific reports from undertakers and embalmers, we see young and healthy people dropping down, and we see eye watering propaganda in the mainstream media. We also see huge violation of human rights being enacted across the world with forced mandates. We see independent medical experts warning against taking these shots. Please excuse us for being highly skeptical when we see an attempt to blame the problems on CV. Add to that the idea that the unjabbed (myself included) have had CV and were only lightly affected.

  11. They block and ignore emoji laden inflammatory tripe. Wake the fuck up

  12. Excellent analysis....thanks very much!

  13. If you check out his/her/its past comments you will see that you are wasting your energy even responding to Ok_Bag495....not worth even the time it takes to read any future comments!

  14. LOL! Yes, looks like 13 members in his Reddit sub....HUGE group!!

  15. I would bet money that you will NEVER see these pictures on any main stream media outlet in Australia or even in the U.S. or UK, or if you do see one of these pictures on a MSM platform it will accompanied by commentary using words like "insurrectionists" and discussing how horrible it is to allow such "violent protests".

  16. You can’t make the blind see. It’s all out there if you want it. Not even hard to find.

  17. Totally agree....there are none so blind as those who WILL not see!

  18. You are so right about the agency capture!

  19. Actually there is a link works for me. Just in case, here it is again:

  20. Open the link I provided to get to the written article...within it you will find many links provided by the author of the article.

  21. Hijacking top comment because I can't get an answer for this question: VAERS was used to identify 15 cases of intussusception associated with the rotavirus vaccine, resulting in the CDC suspending that vaccine. There have been thousands of medical records verified cases of deaths caused by the covid vaccines. Why is that not enough to question the covid vaccines' safety?

  22. Excellent links. Thanks! Here is a link to an article written by a previously pro-vax (and vaccinated) biologist. When you read this and check out the links she provides I do not see how anyone could say that there is not serious doubt about both the safety and efficacy of these Covid vaccines:

  23. this is the mental thing, it seemed like the most simple maths to me and went in roughly this order, I've been ever perplexed how this was not a common perception:

  24. Good observations! Check out the links in this awesome article (written by a COVID vaccinated person no less) to see many other great observations about how these COVID vaccines are definitely NOT "Safe and Effective"

  25. We will really never know the true level of dissent concerning these vaccine mandates in France or any other country (including here in America). The main stream media does NOT report about such things truthfully even when they bother to make a report at all.

  26. I assume you read the full package insert for all the warnings, before you got injected?

  27. Awesome commentary on the package insert....and absolutely spot-on!

  28. Any journal would laugh at these arguments because they clearly come from a place of ignorance. Points 2 and 3 are laughably demonstrative of a deep lack of understanding of the subject.

  29. But there were 7 points. Since you do not address them specifically like you do Points 2 and 3 (other than to say they "clearly come from a place of ignorance"--which clearly speaks to your own ignorance) I guess you must agree with 5 of the 7 points? Hmmmm????

  30. This data was available to and reviewed (rubber-stamped) by people who know A LOT more than I do about these things. The points that I bring up are ones that are based in critical thinking and logic. The vaccine was still approved, regardless.

  31. They had started making a coronavirus vaccine during the SARS outbreak but SARS burned itself out before the vaccine was ready. Nevertheless they had got to a point at which making a new vaccine for a new coronavirus was a very simple process. They just needed the genome for the virus, and this was quickly isolated and mapped.

  32. We've already heard from several of the top immunologists in the world, including Dr. Bryam Bridle who have all told us the same thing: These experimental vaccines are deadly:

  33. Excellent....thanks for this link!

  34. I recently read the book by RFK JR: The Real Anthony Fauci --a BEST SELLER on Amazon, by the way. What an eye-opener! Very very well documented evidence of Fauci's ties to the pharmaceutical industry and his callous disregard for the lives of innocent people enrolled in horrible trials of different drugs and vaccines he sponsored over the years. There is an incredible amount of information here and over 2000 total endnotes and references linked to documents backing up what RFK JR says in the book. He makes such scorching accusations about Fauci that the only way I could see Fauci not starting litigation against him is if RFK JR's accusations and the documents he references are accurate. Somehow I do not think we will every hear from Fauci about all this, however. He knows the evidence is there, but he also knows he has the main stream media and most of the population of the U.S. totally hoodwinked.

  35. This is rich!!!!.....The CDC wants EVERYONE in the U.S. age 5 years old and above--and probably soon to be toddlers as well--to be vaccinated, but warns us against going to a country that is WAY MORE VACCINATED (so presumably LESS likely to expose us to the disease) than we are here in the U.S. Am I the only one who sees a "disconnect" here?????

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