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  1. Exquisite technique, Beautiful execution, and the finish wow😄

  2. 8 sides up, down, left , right , front, back, in, and out…

  3. Holy fuck that looked trippy…😆 like he actually just came out the toilet

  4. I filed a report, but police suck at internet stuff. I plan to move away in a couple of years, deleting most of my accounts and the such, then just making new ones with my girlfriends help.

  5. Consider using a fake name on your new accounts (such as Facebook and the like) and never accepting friend requests; only be the one sending friend requests to people you actually know. This is what famous people do.

  6. Yeah, I have taken this into account, it’s a few years away. So I have time to plan better, but good advise. Thank you

  7. the ending sentence just captures it all man really makes you think about what went thru your parents heads when their relationship and financial means weren’t stable to begin with.

  8. My Biological Father actually comes from a well off family and thus was always pretty well off himself, but my mother left him for my stepfather who was more fun. I don’t hold it against her she was young and dumb, but yeah… My dad was serious my mom was still not mature, but felt all grown up from accounts I’ve heard from family on both sides. Everyone makes mistakes, but kids should not pay for shit like that.

  9. It was good. I’d say I really took advantage of it, did what they told me too and then overtime healed.

  10. Potatoes they are able to grow just about anywhere and they are good in multiple dishes or even alone.

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