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  1. Can’t right now but we should maybe get a “Looking for group” sticky on this sub. Could help with getting eclipse groups together

  2. I love using my Ooni for searing steaks. I found that keeping the flame at max yields great results if you want a nice crispy finish while not impacting the internal temp too much. The flame engulfs the steak and might even start coming out from opening but all you need is like 30-60 seconds per side at most and you’ll have a beautiful crust.

  3. I’m making chicken tomorrow but didn’t plan on using the sous vide. Now I need to try this.

  4. I think you might be missing the premise of sv, it’s all about time and temp, 165 is the instant kill temp, as the temp is lowered the time needs to increase. You are in turn pasteurizing your meat.

  5. I definitely missed the premise lol… Had no idea to be honest. Thanks for the reference, I will be checking that out.

  6. Nice! I also took advantage of the special on tomahawks at IGA haha. I recently did one at 134 for 4 hours and 135 for 3.5 hours. Both turned out excellent. I have yet to try one at 137, though I hear it’s all the rave! Looking forward to the follow up post.

  7. I am so curious about the pizza oven. I have been considering a small Ooni for a few months now. I have a question about the temperature,

  8. The Ooni skillet actually comes with two detachable handles. So you slide the skillet in, remove handles and then reattach once you need to pull it out. Here’s the

  9. I wouldn't change a thing on the cook. Fine job! If you like the doneness of the meat, stay with it. If not, tweak it a degree or two up or down next time.

  10. Thank you :) I used salt and pepper before putting it in the fridge, post water bath. Then butter, garlic and rosemary sprigs when it went in the oven.

  11. Congrats on sticking to the your training! That’s the hardest part for most.

  12. Where should I start with Ghost? I've never given them a fair shake tbh, as I think is pretty common with metalheads, though I may be wrong. Definitely want to see Mastodon again and since I doubt they'll have a new album, the setlist might be really really interesting!

  13. As others have said, starting with their first album is your best bet. It’s their most “metal” album while also giving you a taste of what’s to come next.

  14. Just need some clarification on AMM Liquidity. What happens once the incentive period and mining end? Should I withdraw my funds? Or do I continue to earn even after mining ends?

  15. Continue!! Honestly you’d be wasting money if your only intent was to try and get a loophead. I mean unless you deposited a fuck ton of money where you magically could beat the deposit fee for 30 days. I think it’s good to do but only if you plan on holding long term

  16. Thank you! No plans to withdraw unless they were just sitting there for nothing. So currently I'm earning at 4.41% APR (as of right now) correct? And the incentive period is really just for getting a loophead.

  17. I usually hop on around 9pm EST and see 3-4 lobbies. And when I make a game it’ll fill up in a minute or two. If you’re looking for someone to play with in the evenings hit me up!

  18. Hey! I currently only have an 18kg and 24kg. Do you think this can be done with a single bell?

  19. Hm. Maybe? It’s gonna be easier. There’s just no replacement for the demand of double kb. The press especially.

  20. Thanks for the reply! Should definitely be easier. I’ll still give this a go with a single bell for now until I get another to make a pair.

  21. Sweet! Hoping they do a unique poster for every city too.

  22. CC payments just don’t work for me anymore. Blocked 90% of the time and also found out my bank considers them as cash advances. Best option for me now is to e-transfer. Crypto accepts it or Shakepay (if you’re Canadian).

  23. Told myself I was finally done but this just makes me want to build another. Love it!

  24. Recently started collecting vinyls of albums that I love and are timeless, to me. Blackwater Park by Opeth comes to mind. Makes the listening experience more interactive with the flipping and switching vinyls.

  25. The K being out of place and everything shifted over threw me off. Hopefully you can get a replacement A shipped over in less than 2 years :D

  26. No but they’re 7ft tall and have green skin. Perfectly normal.

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