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  1. U.S. "imperialism" is fine and acceptable, and I think the international community would agree with me. No one sanctioned the U.S.

  2. this isnt just funny and hilarious anymore, this is just sad. kinda reminds me amy schumer for no reason at all. its sad that he went that way and just didnt admit he was wrong.

  3. A belly flop that resulted in 6 broken ribs and a punctured lung..Damn she must have been in agony

  4. ok boomer, go and complain to the cashier about your expired coupon. fucking sore loser without a life. get a grip, not everyone is vegan you narcissistic fuck.

  5. bitch you literally are scrolling thru my acc just to leave passive aggressive comments. i feel sorry for you that your life is so boring that you bash other people cause they arent vegan. you support vegan teacher too, dont you?

  6. try blue waffles as the picture, although I heavily recommend trying not to look at them yourself in the process

  7. ik what blue waffle is and i will probably be too grossed out to even send it to the first place.

  8. Are you? There’s literally hair in the kids hand…

  9. Wow over 4 years on Reddit ( other account before this one) and you are the first person I have ever seen call someone a COOCKWOMBLE. I feel privileged to have earned this from you, and hope to learn some more awesome insults by following your wise postings in the future.

  10. how abt i do one better. get that dick out of your mouth and gtfo outta here you sadistic retarded bitchboy who thinks inflicting pain on kids is funny

  11. if he would have done that to me, i would have stabbed him in self defence

  12. ok sore loser. just because i argued u abt eating animals doesnt give you the right to go at my account. ok sure my response was kinda unhinged but no way in hell is more childish than wtf u ever doing. bcuz of you and other toxic vegans out there, you tarnished the rep of veganism. hope youre proud you sick bastard.

  13. im not gonna fucking explain to you wtf is natural selection and i guess you will become a part of it. seriosly whats up with vegans and shoving their ideology on our throats. i dont respect you as a vegan and i never will. ill only see YOU as a sore loser who wants to shape ppl in your desire. get your head out of your asshole and realise that the world doesnt revolve around you, you mental fucker!

  14. oh and we use chickens and other food stock as FOOD stock, not PET stock or FRIEND stock. we are omnivores you uncultured fuck. your tactics of guilt tripping are deplorable. youre mental, get help and i hope you become a normal vegan. unless youre a troll, then fuck you.

  15. I reported the dude who sexually assaulted me when I was a child as an adult but they said the statue of limitations had passed.

  16. wait u saying that he isnt in jail. ok wtf is up with ur law and how tf is he alive???

  17. i dont have a wife cuz im a minor but wow just wow the amount of bullshittery is hurting my eyes

  18. im so glad that bitch got a hard beatdown for what she did to the poor teacher.

  19. Awfully bold of those people in the video to assume the dog didn’t hop in the car on its own and select it’s destination.

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