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  1. I would like to rewarded with some new maps and xp leveling system and not rewarded with useless cosmetics, dsync deaths and extreme amounts of boredom.

  2. Maps and an Xp progress leveling system. Edit: terrible dsync travesty.

  3. I'm starting to doubt even that...

  4. Wreckfest 2 baby! I wish they'd announce it. They'd be insane not to follow up Wreckfest with another. They've made the best destruction derby game ever. They have a winning formula. Better and bigger online is all I'm hoping for.

  5. Also is an issue on mouse guys. I thought it was part of the game at first but it’s so random

  6. Seems to have been fixed since the new playlists update.

  7. With the elite controller I have to have the right trigger set to the middle or tightest trigger setting. If set to null range then it happens again for me.

  8. Anyone know if they have fixed the fps drops ?

  9. No they have not. It's especially bad in Multiplayer even in smaller lobbies.

  10. A year or two from now everybody should be aiming for current gen systems. Not less inclusive. To not hold the game back. Especially if Wreckfest 2 is going to be a 3-5 year platform with continuous support.

  11. Wreckfest 2 next gen only would be nice!

  12. This game had the biggest hype-to-fail ratio for me. They really made it look like a next level halo pre-launch. Pretty sure I stopped gaming for a bit after

  13. Killzone is middle ground at best.

  14. I stopped playing cod as well because of cross play. I won't go back until we don't have to play with pc players and most of the cheating is gone. I've switched to overwartch and apex, and even backlog single players game.

  15. You must not play a lot of FPS games. Cold War and Overwatch at 1440p/120fps on my LG TV? Gorgeous. If things are looking weird to you, it could be the "soap opera effect" as another commenter mentioned. You can alleviate this by turning off any of your tv/display's motion smoothing software, Deblur and dejudder as these add to the strangeness of a scene, tv shows particularly

  16. Overwatch at 4k 60 looks far better than the 1440p 120, that hit in resolution is not worth it, not even close on 65“ or even smaller TV. They should have both options, 60 fps is a must for racing game, fps games, shooters, but adventure and RPG I'd prefer the boost in graphics or Atleast the choice. .

  17. It all depends on what you compare it with?

  18. I'm sorry Tetris Effect is far better than Cyberpunk. Bought cyberpunk for series X and still haven't played more than an hour into it.

  19. I'm on Xbox X and it says in the patch notes it should be in the options menu but it is not. Does this help with some of the framerate issues there's been or have they optimised it properly with the three new video options you can now choose from? Because it could drop below 15fps frequently on series X and I don't remember it being that terrible on my one x.

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