1. I have to say as a 53 year old black woman I had no idea there were SO many of us struggling in this way. I’m so sorry for you and I hope it gets better for you

  2. My son has a picture taken when he was 4 months sitting up wearing shoes that were 12 months 😂 my god 27 years later I still get clowned for putting them shoes on him

  3. I’ve found myself inadvertently in a turn lane when I wanted to go straight and those turn signals are what woke me out of my trance.

  4. You have to stand in your position, staring right at him until he (she) is done. Don’t change your facial expression (you can save it for later). Simply stare. When he’s done, count to 2 in your head. Then quietly ask. Are you done? Or even better ask huh? 😂 I missed the first part. make them say it again. The key is to NEVER give them what they crave and that’s emotional engagement.

  5. Oh, the part I love is the notion that you're "family and it shouldn't be all about money." That is just the most vile insulting shit. Fuck off.

  6. The next time an employer tries that “family” crap, ask what position you are in their will. If you’re not in the will, you’re not family

  7. I always think, if we are family then why are you paying me so little and why is there such a pay gap between family members.

  8. There needs some type of centralized “braider” directory. With pics and reviews for each state. What y’all think?

  9. Omgggg like the green book but for hair !

  10. Yes!!!! I don’t want to infringe on any unlicensed braiders in license-required states. SO, I’m going to go state by state and determine requirements and figure something out.

  11. I wish they would stop bringing their “at home” persona to work. Your job should never meet your “at home” self. Don’t clean up after men, don’t volunteer to do menial household-like tasks at work. The at work wife concept only exists because some women dote on men like they would at home. You can absolutely do the job you accepted without all that.

  12. She was supposed to be here at 6am, after changing the initial time from 8am randomly last night via text around 10:45pm. I woke up at 5am to get everything ready. She didn’t show up until 8:10 and was complaining about how hard it was to wake up early and that she didn’t get enough sleep since she went out until 3 the night before… like, what?

  13. Oh so she got early aspirations, but late realities. I think that’s a punctuality disorder. Cantgettheritis

  14. Dude it's 2022, who tf says African American anymore?

  15. I cannot express how much it means to me to me to read what you just said. I'm literally holding back tears haha. It's just really important to me cause being a good parent is one of my dreams. Also if you did want to talk about your experiences I wouldn't mind.

  16. I think this comment highlights an important point. BLACK WOMEN are the carriers of our culture IMO. If the child’s black parent is the father that child will be lacking (not exclusively) of our culture. But when that child’s black parent is the mother, the culture has a greater chance of surviving and being passed on

  17. Ooh I smell a business idea. What other equipment is hard to find for women? I love this sub. Big 🙌🏽 for ALL Blue Collar Women. I landed in an office and became like a hamster in a wheel. Hate it. Don’t settle for that crap. Do what moves you.

  18. I haven’t ever been able to find work gloves that are small enough to fit me! I suppose they probably have them online but that seems like a process so I just buy them a little too big from Home Depot. I imagine that’s a common thing so this is an awesome business idea but I feel like the gear would have to appear in brick and mortar stores to see results. For me at least, anyways

  19. Absolutely. Create a line of products for the lowes and Home Depot’s of the world to carry

  20. Do you have Spotify? Search The Chi season 3. If not, give me some lyrics and I can search for you

  21. The expected tip behavior for clearly minimal or downright bad service is what gets me.

  22. No because what we’ve told them is “if we can’t afford to tip, we shouldn’t be there… “

  23. This is the one! I googled “Say excuse me” in Spanish and had my phone speak it in Burlington recently. I’ll also say aloud “is saying excuse me a Black people thing” and The person that just squeezed by will give me a side eye.

  24. Omg lol I’m just aggressive and unnecessarily loud And don’t cross in front of me when I’m contemplating my selection and not say excuse me!! I will ask if the wolves that raised you are doing well

  25. No I didn't originally. Did you see we already spoke about that 4 hours ago? Or did you have anything constructive to say?

  26. I’m sorry. You’re right. That was pointless. And I sincerely apologize fr.

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