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  1. Bro. They could still kick your ass at any given time. You need to crush them in war or strategically destroy their economy via trade routes and villages. You can’t just play one hand if rock, paper, scissors and say you’re the champion of the city and demand the mayor give you a prize. You need to break their will. You need to prove that fighting you is a waste of resources and that you’ll never lose. Also. Once the game goes on far enough, everyone wants war against you so you don’t take over the world. If you want peace on a war of 5 fronts, you’re like nazi Germany. People hate you. You need to appease them. After all, YOU asked for peace. Wait till they send a peace offer with tribute. That’s after you break their will. Keep their economy solid or you won’t get any money though.

  2. If you have a dirty job you don't want to put a good knife through... he's your guy

  3. Nah. You buy a mora for that. Damn near indestructible and $20 a pop? Nothing better.

  4. something out of my league for sure. It’s a condenser that is very complicated.

  5. Ignorant as fuck. 4 years later have you realized that this was the stupidest thing you’ve ever said?

  6. So, we could use this with a humidifier and emulate living in a rainforest

  7. In that state you’d just smell wet basement. Geosmin contributes to hundreds of smells and it’s very conditional

  8. Kill more or trade more. You can generate like 100k denars a day with a lot of horses

  9. What kind of stone is that? It looks very smooth, makes me think of the Arkansas stone I used as a kid.

  10. I have concerns about both appearing to be bonded to the board. Your strops gonna get wet, or your gonna tip or heel strike the stone while stropping

  11. They really don’t use many essential oils at all. Probably trace amounts. Definitely false advertising!

  12. Not false advertising because it is made WITH essential oils. It intact contains it.

  13. It may technically not be "false," advertising, but the statement is misleading, since there are only trace amounts (except the aromatherapy has more)

  14. EOs are often risky for popular use. Buy from small perfume and you’ll get like 40% of the fragrance formula being an EO. They tend to strive for absolute excellence rather than mass sales. Only problem is, everything in B&BW smells so fake that if you prefer those fragrances, you may be turned off by the significantly more natural and real smells by small perfumers.

  15. You say that like he won’t be better off with whoever takes him

  16. A stone. This is way too open ended. So answer me some questions.

  17. Yes, the poster is probably skiving (slacking) off of work. We've all done it.

  18. Thanks I didn’t know this. I never drink hot Americanos but that day was too cold. Maybe I’m just spoiled by Starbucks .

  19. Maybe it’s a different country or something. Bc USA Starbucks is the reason I started making my own coffee.

  20. Nowhere near a renaissance painting. Where’s the expression? Pose? Elegance? Actual artistic value? This is a whore in a cheap hotel after selling herself for a bag of chips. This doesn’t depict feminine beauty. This depicts dirty sex in a shitty hotel room and a depressing life. I miss the warhammer vs thot days of this sub

  21. That's a really fancy one. I have several. You can hold under .010" when working with wood using one. Mine average about $10 each, but I would pay a lot more for this beauty.

  22. I blew a coworkers mind the other day telling him I change mine every 5-6k. He thought that if the warranty is for 100k, he shouldn't have to do anything to it until 100k. Poor deluded bastard.

  23. Wait till you tell him a new car needs to be changed sooner for the first few.

  24. All American news sources from television to newspapers and radio have been bought by a small number of news media corporations. We need to decentralize the news again and breakup these monopolies. The corporate stranglehold on news will affect people's perceptions of the issues. Meanwhile, unfettered gun sales of semi-automatic and other dreadful guns are a cause of 50% or more of mass shootings. I pray someday we have a real leader who will break down the barriers and reform gun proliferation of automatic type weapons which is devastating not only the US but Mexico too.

  25. That cop lady is a cheater and a hoe, and the eyeglasses chick is going to prison for fraud.

  26. Idc about the tate thing really, but Greta is so fucking annoying. I cannot stand her. Her attitude makes my skin crawl.

  27. I was taught to have a clear topic sentence. Persuasive speech should leave the audience in no doubt as to where you stand on an issue.

  28. There are cheap hand operated vacuum pumps made for sucking out sump oil from car engines. If you are only filtering aqueous mixtures they would probably be adequate for your purpose.

  29. Searched ebay and found some ridiculously cheap setups (<$100) for the whole vacuum filter kit (glassware + filter + funnel + pump). Can't tell what their quality is, but you may find some interesting options there.

  30. I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to resort to eBay. Here goes nothing.

  31. Dig a hole and burry it in your back yard. No need to kill it first, the little shit needs to suffer. Honestly though, shouldn’t be a huge problem. Just put it back in and cross your fingers. I never get contam if I get the jars to work right. I even do open air agar transfers and almost never get contam. If it do it do if it don’t it don’t. Send it and see.

  32. Good shit I'd still recommend a sab but that goes to show you can work with mushrooms in a basic set up an still get great results.

  33. If it keeps working I ain’t gunna fix it till I can afford a laminar flow hood. Act broke to stay ri… at an acceptable level of financial increase to the point where you can buy the stupid shit you want. I feel like most contam comes from moving too slow that your jars are just wide open or moving too fast that you’re throwing contam everywhere and making mistakes by touching dirty stuff on clean stuff. Everything gets alcohol and hands washed up past the elbows… and put on a damn mask so you aren’t breathing into your shit. I’ve learned most people don’t wear a mask when that’s a HUGE contamination vector.

  34. Hey buddy, I appreciate the square, but we are machinists here. A welder could tell you that pipe is FUCKED up and I’ve seen some shit.

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