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  1. Sounds like a great trailer to an action packed movie.

  2. I would hug him, and squeeze him, and love him, and name him George.

  3. Indiana Jones climbed into a refrigerator.

  4. Bank teller here. Don't panic. This happens from time to time, especially during economic down turns. Branches can only hold so much cash for safety reasons. When we did our ship out on Wednesdays we could only keep 10k back for the week. Add that to what was in the drawers and you're looking at 18k total! This is based on historical cash flow. All it takes is for it to be a holiday weekend, a large cash deposit client to not deposit that week (grocery stores and gas stations) or for the stock market to tumble a few hundred points and the prepperes and old folks show up and bleed us dry. It's really had to get an emergency order in. It costs the branch money to do so so most of the time we didn't do it. We'd spend people to other branches until we got our normal order.

  5. Janitor at two banks here...what is in those big vaults then? Im not allowed close enough to see but they seem to be good size rooms covered with massive vault door.

  6. Wondering if school buses run on diesel and if that will cause school issues this fall.

  7. City prepper use to seem calm and reasonable but we cant get passed his over exaggeration anymore. And if you boil it down, his advice is really simplistic. I do dig bear independent

  8. Someone that knows anything about how to run a power company

  9. Is there anything left to protect the US of A? Maybe we could send the suicide squad in to Afghanistan to borrow some of our stuff.

  10. Uneducated personal observation, throughout central il, corn and soy have not been planted yet which puts the ole saying of knee high by the 4th of July in danger.

  11. If your not looking for aesthetics you can go with cinder block and wood shelves. I've got some in my preparedness room and they work great and are pretty cheap.

  12. Just did this exact same thing couple of weeks ago.

  13. Hmm 2 countries that are not reporting any cases... China & Russia

  14. Eh who cares if real or fake? If you don't want to work, get the fuck out of way and let someone in who will work.

  15. Well corn and soy haven't been planted in central Illinois yet

  16. Hey bank tellers...finish your McDonalds iced coffee instead of dumping the half full cup into your trash can. You splatter the wall and the carpet and i don't notice until I have dumped the can into my barrel and coffee ends up all over my supplies. There is a sink 15 feet away so dump it. Wouldn't hurt for you to rinse the sink too. Yes, we are the janitor... But we aren't your maid. We want you to look good for your customers, not there to clean up your coffee spills. I do thank you for the 25 to 50 paper clips and rubber bands I pick up off of the floor. I haven't bought any for the office in years.

  17. Another one is quit trying to set us up! Paper clip trick. Or the coin trick. “Oh there is coins under my desk, he doesn’t vacuum!” “There’s a paper clip Under my desk, my room is NEVER clean!” Yeah, well I leave who cleans?

  18. By the title, I assumed this was going to be like Polish arm wrestling and send horrib!y.

  19. Would love to see the Dodgers play on dead grass.

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