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  1. I'm having this same issue. It doesn't understand how to tell me the time either; it gives me a Wiki about time.

  2. I'm a Verizon customer but just checked my IMEI on Xfinity Mobile's website, and it said that it isn't compatible. I was considering switching from Verizon, but now it doesn't seem like I can.

  3. I'm having this same problem with 3.11. Did not have this issue with 3.10.

  4. I have an RSI account with no game package after signing up for the Free Fly event, and I did not receive this email (checked Spam folder as well).

  5. Thanks everyone for the great ideas. A couple questions based on some of your responses:

  6. When you say that it remembers the rgb setting and pump curve through reboots, are you referring to with the USB cable installed?


  8. I'm looking to do the same thing with my R7000. Can anyone provide the steps to revert back to stock firmware from FreshTomato just in case?

  9. I'm experiencing the same issue. Restarting the phone fixes it temporarily. Here's a link to a thread in the Google Pixel Community regarding the issue:

  10. Any update? Were you able to get this to work, because it's not working for me either.

  11. I can't get this to work on either my device or my wife's Pixel phone. We are on the same Wifi network as the Home Hub and getting search results from one of the supported partners. Absolutely none of the results have the option to send to Google Home Hub. Very frustrating, since this is the primary reason for buying the Home Hub in the first place.

  12. Yeah something I'm worried about is finding/using recipes. I use Epicurious for the most part and am curious as to whether or not I'll be able to use that site with GHH.

  13. Yes, this is one of the main reasons I was considering getting the Hub - for recipes. But if it doesn't have a browser, how am I supposed to get to specific recipes on the various sites that I use?

  14. I've gone back and forth on the window sensor issue. Also having a lot of first floor windows, I've been pondering how I might be able to avoid buying sensors for each. I've given thought to using a motion sensor and glass break sensor. However, my concern is at night when we're sleeping. I don't intend to have our motion sensors active overnight, as it's not unusual for someone to head downstairs in their path. Should an intruder pry open a window without breaking it there would be no detection. Do you have anything in place to address this issue, or suggestions on how I might approach it?

  15. This is the exact reason why I feel a motion sensor would not work for me or for many people, and I'm puzzled no one else has mentioned it. I don't want to have to worry about accidentally setting off the system in the middle of the night, because someone went downstairs for whatever reason. So if I have to keep it inactive at night, there is no other option than the door/window sensors.

  16. I was perfectly content with the original pacing of the blue zone. I absolutely HATED the change and felt it was nothing but running for my life after first circle move. I'm extremely glad it was rolled back but am concerned that you feel it still needs tweaking. Do you feel this simply for the sake of change? Why fix what ain't broken?

  17. Are mods already available for this game? There are a number of mods listed in this article; how do you use them?

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