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  1. Bruh how do you even ask a provider if they eat ass? I have a regular provider I see and I’m afraid to ask if she would eat my ass.

  2. Same here she eats ass of other clients of no charge but i am kinda shy to ask cuz i think it might be too gross for her

  3. I mean some providers touch your privates as soon as u enter to make sure you are not a cop as a screening method

  4. I understand everyone wants pornstars but none of them are on the top 100 TER reviewed list. I've been with pornstars and....the shit I read about top reviewed providers make porn look like an act. These top providers are legendary, the services they provide probably 75% cheaper than a pornstar escort umm... Subscribe to TER and educate yourself, drop the mic

  5. Bro ong!! I see my favorite girl who is rated on top 100 providers on TER and man she is a freak she is hot asf she will drain you

  6. sorry to be the one, but fenix a320 would run with 2fps on OPs toaster

  7. why are there such snarky comments about cs whenever someone posts an ss w/ the 777? its like yall are trying to alienate community members because…. of third party dlc?

  8. Nothing better to do ig like u so mad someone decided to use their own money to buy a product u you hate??


  10. This subreddit encourages reviews but for whatever reason we don't get a lot of them

  11. I can leave reviews with all info but problem is some dumbasses will message the provider some creepy shit n ruin it for the rest of us last time i gave a profile of my atf to a guy on here he messaged her n she blocked him

  12. Yeh i have heard of this over at sexworkersonly sub an escort or a stripper said she put something on her tits to stop the clients from sucking on them

  13. It’s so annoying whenever you find your new favorite star they end up changing themselves so bad to the point u don’t even wanna watch any of their vids!

  14. Not sure if u know Daisy Stone but she is the best example of ruining herself

  15. In my early 20s, I went through a couple periods where I would get massive intense migraines when I was close to cumming while masturbating. Luckily, this only lasted a few weeks each time, and didn't happen when actually having sex.

  16. Thing is it never happens when I masturbate which is not daily it’s like twice a week but soon as i have sex i feel completely drained for a week

  17. Its either the realization that the cost of that pussy was little to high for your budget OR you really need to see a doctor

  18. I just need to see a doctor i am generally always stressed out so that is def the reason why my testosterone is very low

  19. I would pay good amount for a session with Kelsi one of the only stars who i would pay hefty amount for lol

  20. I'd pay top dollar just for her to do some acrobatic gymnast shit on me. But if she's out the question I'd pay top dollar to anyone who does acrobatic gymnast shit that provides.

  21. Lol I already see a girl who is a 10/10 with a nice fat ass and great tits she can do splits so i am very fortunate to be able to see her I can’t stop seeing her to the point now i only see her even tho she is in pricey

  22. Not really. If it's a good experience, it usually leaves me wanting another good experience. I'm pretty much always hungry for more and the hobby arouses that appetite even more to the point where I usually have to remind myself that I'm not rich.

  23. I wish i was that way but i am 23 and maybe it’s because i am always stressed out that my testosterone is low but i feel drained for a week afterwards

  24. Yes i do I posted bout that a month ago on here i am 23 and afterwards i am drained for a week I don’t wanna do anything sexual I guess its cuz i have a really strong orgasm

  25. My atf girl messages me after every session thanking me and saying she had lots of fun and i send her a thank you as always

  26. Looks amazing can you tell me where i can get this from? And would this work with Fenix A320?


  28. No i have always wanted to be married and have a family and it’s my dream so i will definitely get married and stop seeing escorts after i get married! My fav girl asked me if i would ever stop seeing her when i get a gf i said I won’t get a gf but i will be getting married so when i do I won’t see you! Also i am from Middle East living in USA so yeh we don’t be doing dating and all before marriage

  29. you have no idea how annoying those wipers would be sitting at the gate. Also, what even are those? Has anybody seen wipers like that on an airbus in real life?

  30. Emily willis is also up there. I'd also throw in cherie deville at this stage. She's becoming more freaky as a milf performer. Her and Alexis Faux.

  31. Adrianna is slutty asf but she isn’t even hot asf like Tommy King just my opinion tho I don’t find Adriana i never liked her videos or watched them

  32. What’s the point in using protection? You not gonna feel anything nor is she u not gonna feel the wetness or taste

  33. Sounds expensive... Glad you enjoyed but for me personally I didn't really care too much one way or another about anal. Felt good, but pussy also feels good and more positions is fun.

  34. Well it was with a regular escort i seen 3 times already so she gave me a discount of $250 usually she charges like $400 for it but yes also i do prefer pussy over ass any day

  35. I usually have issues with condom sensitivity so anal might be helpful

  36. I hate condoms but I don’t have sensitivity issues at all so i cum very quick even with condoms pair that with anal it’s gonna be a lot quicker

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