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  1. Tucker Carson threw the worlds biggest shit-fit because now the M&M feet aren't sexy anymore and that's a part of a grand leftist conspiracy to make cartoon mascots unfuckable?

  2. Yes, and Redditors posting about that rant for six weeks straight drowned out any news, at all, about the child slavery lawsuit. Looks like marketing played that one perfectly, they knew some right winger would get his people talking and that it'd make left wingers whine about how stupid he is.

  3. Hey be respectful he walked Bob Dylan up on the stage who are all of you you no talents

  4. I would absolutely love for this guy to make a cameo in Smiling Friends season 2. You could have him play a museum curator or something, I'm sure there's some art related plot they could toss him into.

  5. It's also many of the reasons the original Star Wars did so well too.

  6. Avatar is what movies used to be. They're not trying to set up for the big crossover, make you subscribe to the streaming service, sell you the Funko pops, ask you to watch the after credits scene, pause for audience laughter, and cram in as many cultural references and meme fodder as the runtime can accommodate.

  7. I'll admit, I went on a little dive on Oppenheimer because of how excited the trailer before the new Avatar movie made me. Seems like a terrifying story, I really hope they don't shy away from anything when that one comes out.

  8. Thank you for your insight, it’s very informative and a nice reminder to not take everything at face value

  9. Literally nothing on Reddit should be taken at face value. I mean nothing. The average age of this site's users can't be above fourteen, take anything and everything you see or read on this site exactly as seriously as you'd take something you hear a group of middle schoolers in a mall food court say.

  10. It's so surreal reading this after so many years in business school along with many more years in leadership roles. Whoever wrote this never heard of a total benefits package, pay is one of the biggest factors, shit like a ping pong table and other amenities are way at the bottom.

  11. This is not done out of ignorance. The test is to train human resources workers on how to handle humans. If the human resource worker is willing to vocalize "We need to pay people more if we don't want them to quit," they are not doing the job they're being paid to do. If they vocalize "No one quits because of money, we need to make work more fun," then they're doing the job they're being paid to do.

  12. And then there's all the animal people that just randomly disappeared from most of the world.

  13. That one still bothers the hell out of me. If they ever did a Dragon Ball reboot or movie or whatever, I'd really want them to double down on the anthropomorphic animals and stuff in the real world. I don't think the world of Dragon Ball works without a feeling of fantasy where anything could happen.

  14. This. Ari Aster is a horror mastermind. I mean I consider Hereditary in the top 3 horror movies ever made.

  15. I've got no hesitation saying Hereditary is the best horror movie released in my lifetime. I'm 25 years old. If someone would like to prove me wrong, I'd absolutely, absolutely love to give that title to something better, but if there's a movie that deserves it more I don't think I've seen it.

  16. Bluepoint could/should remaster or remake BloodBorne and it’s DLC given the masterpiece they created with the Remake of Demon’s Souls.

  17. I don't think I'd like that, unless they used the same models and everything. I loved the Demon's Souls remake but the atmosphere and visual direction was objectively different from what From did in 2009. It isn't necessarily better or worse, but it's different. A Bloodborne remake would be too. Considering how integral that direction is to why I love that game as much as I do, modifying it could really hurt it for me. I'd much rather Sony or From just work together to make an unlocked framerate and high resolution version.

  18. yep, Elden Ring was an absolute world-wide phenomena. God of War was just a really good game, but it felt....normal in comparison.

  19. Elden Ring is what people in the eighties imagined video games would be like in the twenties.

  20. Finally an art peice that captures my true feelings about ai art.

  21. I have never met a person who hates machine learning's usage in art that actually understands anything about it. Every single person I've seen talk about it on Reddit thinks that you just type what you're imagining and the machine creates it. Has anyone in this thread even once used something like Stable Diffusion?

  22. Casting the character knowing for being scared and frantic as the guy who can pull of being frantic in the most endearing way was a great move.

  23. I said it in the thread for the first trailer but I'll say it again: The sequel should be based on Luigi's Mansion. King Boo could be a really fun character in this kinda world. Get someone like Bryan Cranston or Willem Dafoe, it'd be fun.

  24. The whole ransom thing is way more common than most people know. You might assume it’s standard policy not to negotiate with terrorists and pay them ransom but quite the opposite.

  25. I'm curious as to how often this kind of thing happens in the United States. For a family member of someone like Musk, Bezos, Buffet, or Gates, how do they walk around a highly populated city without fear of getting kidnapped? Christ, forget the billionaires, Chris Evans' dad is a dentist, how would he not be worried about it?

  26. What a tragedy. I was never much of a Power Rangers fan, but I know that this guy was to the franchise what Mark Hamill is to Star Wars. He genuinely loved the series and its fans. Always heartbreaking when a community loses someone like that.

  27. I doubt his loved ones will release any kind of statement but I feel like it could be related to his divorce, I believe it happened a few months ago. It isn't hard for me to imagine that destroying a person, some people place their marriages as the central part of their identity.

  28. I’m glad it’s getting compared harshly to other switch games that look great. If you’re willing to create cool new ideas, give the game an extra few months to polish those ideas so they don’t unravel.

  29. The tone of the reviews has me convinced that the Pokemon bonus is at least 20 points. A perfect, 100 review shouldn't open

  30. What got me about this is that it's clever, I'm not used to seeing stuff this inventive around here. I liked this one.

  31. It's great how this game made you see Eggman as a person instead of his usual cartoon villain self.

  32. I think I'd enjoy the Sage story a lot more if they just finally gave Eggman his own game and had her be a companion character. I also think an Eggman game is something they'd have an easier time getting right, something like Armored Core or NieR Automata but in a Sonic world.

  33. I think that last paragraph is what hurt them so much on Tuesday. People do care about cultural issues and it does affect votes. It's relevant, and in thirty years the cultural issues people are facing then will be affecting elections.

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