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  1. Why do you plan on severing your admission ?

  2. my granfather is really sick and idk how long he has left so i want to go visit him and spend time with him as well as getting a job in order to pay for tuition

  3. If your ultimate goal is AZ 400 then I would recommend you do both 104 and 204 as this will give you experience in admin as well as development - most DevOps work is focused on the Ops part rather than the Dev!

  4. Thank you so much for this I really appreciate it

  5. With the outline you are supposed to write a 5-10 paragraph essay. That’s the exam

  6. same here! ive got a 96 average, and my application still says “application under review”, im worried im either missing something or being rejected :(

  7. still is "application under review", guess im not getting a decision tomorrow

  8. People had that until the day they got accepted so u might still get something tmrw

  9. did u get anything this morning?

  10. Has anyone heard if the Math rounds will come friday? Or should I just expect monday

  11. does anyone know if 105D cs offers come out this week as well? i saw a lot of 101s got their offers yesterday

  12. Does anyone know if CS send out their decisions for both 101 and 105 applicants at the same time?

  13. Take any good, verified coding “boot camp”. Google, Code academy, General Assembly, are some great resources. GA can get you educated and job ready in about 10-16 weeks. Depending on your path. Also, network like crazy

  14. Oh damn ok I’ll def take a look at that thank you so much

  15. Does anyone know when the next round for CS at york will be? end of april?

  16. what was ur grade 12 average?

  17. Onyx and Ochre still at 0% sz 11 Canada

  18. 100% on all three still a chance or should I just loose hope?

  19. I’ll watch the first few episodes and if it’s too much I’ll stop but thank u

  20. There are some pretty heavy themes that you won't get to until the very end of the series.

  21. Yea I watched breaking bad with him so I think he’ll be fine

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