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  1. Honestly I feel like it's unlikely that a 13-0 team wouldn't be one of the top 4 ranked conference champs

  2. It'd be nearly impossible because it would require at least 4 other conference champions being 13-0. I think the only way it'd be possible is for the 13-0 team in question be a G5 team or be P5 but have an incredibly weak OOC schedule. There is a chance somebody goes 12-1 and gets one of the top 4 spots over the 13-0 team in that scenario.

  3. Interestingly, I think UGA also views 2012 & 2013 as lost years. 2012 we had the heartbreaking championship game against Bama. 2013 we returned Murray and a ton of offensive fire power, but got decimated by injuries, particularly at Neyland where we basically lost our entire recieving core.

  4. We lost Keith Marshall at Tennessee too which really sucked because Gurley was already out with an ankle injury and then Marshall was just never the same when he did come back, not to mention having to compete with Chubb and Sony in 2014

  5. I see this being like the {UGA}-Tennessee game. People have been questioning us the last month or so, but a ranked opponent wakes the team up and UGA gets out in front early in front of 70-30 home crowd while never looking back. LSU has trouble getting anything going offensively with a banged up JD until the second string gets put in.

  6. Ṕ̸͚̍͜ͅÁ̴̧̲̥̥̭̥̎̆͆̈͝͠Ḯ̴̪̱̱̿̿̓̑́͌ͅN̸̡̈́͆̾̀̈̂̿̽̇̕ͅ ̶̡̭̫̌̈͛͊͌͂̏̕͝Í̴̦͎̳͖̮̲S̶̫̱͖̟̱̥̘̼̫͋̈̈́̋̇ ̸̡̧̧̛̗̝̩̣̎̆̏̊͊̋Ȃ̴̛̠̒̆̍̆̍̿ ̵̡̛̤̙̲͔̜͎̝̠̀͘V̸̡̧̪̣̣͍͔̙̫͗̂͗̀̄̈͆̐͘͝Ì̶̢͍̳̫̪ͅŖ̸̡̡̨̬̹͉̖̹̪͗́͌̉͑͆̀̎̀͝T̵̠̩̼̆̀̉̅͌́͠͝ͅŬ̷̦̺̬͐̓͌͂̏̋͛̚͝È̶̢̛̬̭̖̩̥̦͈̄

  7. You mean we get ChaosTM AND a circle of suck if Purdue wins?!?! Sign me up right now

  8. The sheer number of games that are on ESPN and related networks every week means they can't have the best cameras at every game, thus they pick and choose. But I mean think about it, between ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, SECN, and ACCN, Disney has to have enough cameras and crew to cover every game on every network in every time slot.

  9. A quick visit to sports reference shows me that Alabama won 12 or more from 2014-2018. 2019 Iron Bowl prevents this record from going from 14-21.

  10. Alabama’s could have been 2011-2021 if not for the Kick 6 and/or Sugar Bowl against OU in 2013

  11. All time? No clue. But active, Georgia and Michigan have both won at least 12 games each of the last 2 seasons

  12. Jermaine Burton would have been the #1 receiver at Georgia, especially with an injured AD Mitchell, but left to go be the next Jameson Williams at Bama. Needless to say, it didn't go as planned. 37 catches for 590 yards and 6 TDs isn't much to write home about

  13. things I like to drive more than my truck

  14. There's only two things in this world that I can't stand. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures...

  15. I thought Tennessee would be good, but not that good. But I mean it has to be TCU, right? First year coach, didn't make a bowl last year, but they go 12-0 and have a very real chance to go to the CFP. USC as well. Thought Lincoln and Caleb would make them better, but not brink of a CFP-berth better

  16. I mean, I think we have a losing record there

  17. Wait y'all don't number your exits after the mile marker and add letters for multiple within a mile?

  18. We do for interstates, but GA-400 is a state route and thus goes in the order they are in along the highway (SR-316 to Athens is the same way). Also it's at least a mile between each of those other exits I mentioned and the new one so it'd be its own exit. Maybe they'll change it to mile markers once the new exit is finished but I doubt it

  19. 316 is currently a mess, the 2 newest exits are numbered "5" and "27". The 27 is correct for the mile marker, but "5" is according to the state route mile marker system, where it resets to 0 each time the route enters a new county (when going east or north).

  20. One thing I'm glad about the season being over is not having to deal with those God-awful lights on 316 coming home from games anymore

  21. When I click the link it takes me straight to the comment that caused this question to come up.

  22. There is literally no link or any other text in the post. It's just the title asking about debts

  23. Idk, TCU went 12-0 in the regular season and already beat K-State. If TCU were to lose, they'd have the same number of losses as Ohio State but still have one more win. They also didn't lose by 22 to their arch rival at home. IMO, OSU should be hoping for a USC loss more than a TCU loss

  24. Got it, makes sense. I had no idea Vegas and Texas were in the same tier. To be fair, I don’t really know where most of the bowl games fall except for NY6.

  25. It's NY6, then the Citrus Bowl, then maybe the Alamo, and then pretty much everything else

  26. I used to like Vandy until they quit on our senior day twice in 2020 but magically had enough players to have their own senior day in between

  27. Yeah that uniform fucks. Asymmetrical uniforms can look weird but the star is sick and the color gradient actually is coherent.

  28. The gradient looks a million times better than whatever the hell the Falcons were trying to do

  29. Because this sub loves to see a historically successful, nationally relevant program fail, even under circumstances that would be hard for anyone to survive in. Not to mention several OU fans believed the coaching change and exodus of players wouldn't matter when it very clearly did

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