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  1. I just added the sources - was editing my comment for readability so took me a few minutes. Can you please repost?

  2. This seems to be from a tour company, I found a different source:

  3. I've had the best and worst luck with 4 inch pots. 5 gal I think a lot of native plants get comfy in that environment. Transplanting them then becomes slightly more difficult.

  4. If leading scientists and biologists are saying amatures raising monarchs is a bad idea... then maybe its time to reevaluate how you advocate and conserve threatened species.

  5. And his wife works part time as a barista. Their house budget is 3 million.

  6. lol no, I'm a very poor grad student. And extremely gay. But that scenario sounds fun too!

  7. No, it's not, so it's not self promotion.

  8. That's fine, just don't make assumptions, please. The people who run that foster home for pregnant cats were actually quite busy helping a cat in labour and educating people. Thank you.

  9. Most of your posts are their videos, its really hard to believe you aren't with them.

  10. I've had a stink bug in my mouth before, in Tonto National Forest in Arizona, and it produced a spray that tasted identical to Big Red Gum. It was delicious. Then I spit the bug out, alive, and it walked away. I believe the species is non-native in Arizona but I'm not sure.

  11. San Gabriel Valley checking in: 327

  12. There's no overwintering clusters close by there to my knowledge.

  13. Yeah read towards the bottom of the article, Xerces Society is starting to ask folks to no longer raise monarchs. Could be causing more harm than good.

  14. That sucks :( Cool looking though! How can I get to this place? Is there a trail head I can google?

  15. Ummmm I would suggest the backbone trail by castro crest. This particular place is a research site off trail.

  16. The volunteer work I have done with them was specifically through a NPS mailing list set up for replanting areas burned in the Woolsey Fire. This is one of the events and part of its intent is to return native vegetation to land that burned then. I imagine the post fire succession was not satisfactory because the fire return interval is much shorter than what the native plants are adapted to. But I'm not a fire ecologist. I just put plants in holes and water them like Ranger Joey says.

  17. Yeah I'm familiar with the Replant Love and Replant Love 2 events, as well as other SAMO Fund events. Paramount Ranch has had a really long history of ranching and some farming, that's mostly what wrecked most of the habitat. You can look on Google Earth, if you go back in time you can see its been severely altered much before the Woolsey Fire. I think its just marketing that brings people in, but its important work!

  18. Woodrats often pass down their middens to offspring too.

  19. Come join my native and invasive plant walk this weekend in Santa Clarita. Students get a discount.

  20. THANK YOU. I was going nuts trying to figure out what it was. No wonder it didn’t key out to any fungi. And yes, I did see Marah on the trail. Didn’t know their fruit decomposed like that.

  21. Yeah I've heard people use them as luffas. But why not just use a luffa!

  22. Mostly the Woolsey Fire, which was massive but actually saw an increase in species richness post fire as well as being a normal fire regime for some parts of the fire perimeter. For other parts, like Cheseboro or Upper Las Virgenes, way too frequent.

  23. Understory of Venegasia carpesioides, Elymus condensatus, and Dryopteris arguta.

  24. Is it still Mimulus or is it Diplacus now? I think this one is Diplacus "jelly bean". Cause one of the type specimens for the hybrid is Diplacus puniceus right?

  25. I'm leading a native and invasive plant ID walk and community science workshop on January 16th in collaboration with Theodore Payne Foundation. Hope you can join! Students are discounted.


  27. I can verify if you want by posting the other picture of this bird but different angle 📐, would that verify i am the original person who took the picture

  28. Wrong sub, there's no fact in the title.

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