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  1. The series S is damn trap people. It’s an easy way to get you to buy more. You’re gonna gonna regret not having more storage. You’re gonna regret not not having a disc drive for movies or for that sweet low price on a physical copy you’ve had your on eye, or to just be able to buy used games.

  2. Have an X upstairs on main, could use a S in basement!

  3. I do, buy genuine VW parts all the time from eBay. Most recently bought new set of floor mats and a rear view homelike mirror

  4. Y'all can hate me for this but honestly I'm kinda glad this is getting attention. Don't get me wrong I'm definitely a car guy but I think we should be a bit more responsible with the emissions aspect. I'm a TDI guy now but I'm not going to be doing deletes. When I had my 500whp GLI I had a hi flow cat and stock exhaust. I don't know I'm guess I'm getting old but I'm tired of these too loud and smelly mods. You can make good power and still be decently "clean" a little sound change is alright but not just straight pipe everything you get smh. Just a rant I suppose, those 3AM civic wake up calls are infuriating as hell.

  5. I agree, plenty of safe mods to do to increase performance. I went different route, kept stock cat and bought borla exhaust for better sound. Have 0 intentions to remove or alter cat.

  6. I think this sums up the real issue: The V6 concept is absolutely outdated and can be a pain in the ass wenn something is changed. Imao the Revo is fine, but expensive (proprietary Nozzle), so on the long therm I‘d rather recommend a dragon hotend and a Nozzlechange tool

  7. I've never tried a nozzle change tool. Any recommendations? I see a BIQU crab nozzle change tool but reviews seem mixed

  8. Really? I didn't take any tuning for me? All my v6 profiles still work perfectly.

  9. Good to know! I recently printed with wood infused filament and it was hell on the nozzle. Came across this quick change and it looks good.

  10. Same here! Super stoked! Hotel prices are ridiculously high! Oh well

  11. Good stuff, been trying for over 5 years to get tickets to SDCC, decided that next year I might just sign up as volunteer.

  12. Lookup TRA3353, looks to be the rotor for the 3500. Looks like you have to buy the rebuild kit with it also. Rebuild kit is TRA3352R.

  13. I would love to join a buying group with a chance to go to SDCC 2023. I have been trying to get badges for about 8 years straight and no luck at all. Please let me know what I need to do to be part of group! Willing and able!

  14. You can't focus on SDCC because of the random nature of getting passes; treat it as a bonus, and focus on the others where you can get a pass.

  15. Well said, I have been trying to get tix to SDCC for more years than I can count. Hasn't stopped me going to other cons. NYCC is fun because it's NYC and so much to do in the area. Hitting up Chicago C2E2 next March, don't have any doubt that I can find stuff to do and see while in Chicago, have London comic con and Seattle on bucket list, and still waiting patiently for SDCC. Also might try and get tix to D23 next year

  16. Kreg makes pocket hole plugs that would finish those pocket holes quite nicely.

  17. Good idea, 👍 will look into this. Probably going to put another coat or two of poly, and touch up other small imperfections.

  18. I want a table just like this but twice the size for 2 Falcons. That way I can have the original UCS and the new one side buy side.

  19. I wanted to make 2, 1 for the Falcon and 1 for the Lego Star Destroyer but the Star Destroyer doesn't pop as well as the Falcon.

  20. No, tried it both ways. Tried connecting RBS directly to PC/laptop and also tried connecting RBS directly to router and neither option works. Give backhaul out of sync and can't read HW or FW, won't load page to access satellite directly. Tried several resets of other router and satellite, tried PC and laptop, tried different browsers nothing works

  21. Make sure any RBS is update to same version of FW thats on the RBR.

  22. Can't read what the HW version or FW version on the RBS, tried manual update and it opens browser with message "connection refused" tried hooking laptop to back of satellite to try manual update but still same connection refused message. Tried with tech from Netgear and no go. RBR has latest FW but can't do anything with satellite

  23. Did that as well, had an old Ruster. Upgraded all the parts, learned a lot about RC cars. Lots of fun. Sold it for way more than I bought it and then upgraded to something else.

  24. Unfortunately that is the situation in most stores, store manager us only person allowed to call police only after they call Area Loss Prevention and get the OK. I have seen this happen and approval usually takes up to an hour to come back yes or no. It's crazy....nothing in the store is worth anyone's safety

  25. Hey all, I just got these from my brother. Says he hadn't touched them since like 06. He says they work but he just got bored with them. He gave me those two, a charger, controller, a few tires and a bunch of tools and accessories. Also a couple batteries but he says they are shot. Got one charging now.

  26. I had one of those old rustlers, upgraded all the parts, put a brushless motor on it, fun times

  27. Not taking credit for design, got it from Thingiverse -

  28. About 200 hours total, 5 rolls of filament. I used wood infused and that eats up nozzle so had to replace 2 nozzle

  29. Associates eligible for winning together (supervisors, cashiers, CSA’s) are getting maximum winning together bonus regardless of store performance.

  30. Don't kid yourself, salaried ASM will get up to 15% of their salary in a bonus, SM will get up to 50% of their salary as a bonus in late August early September

  31. The whole point is that the majority of stores didn’t hit plan, so the associates weren’t getting a winning together. Salary has to hit plan to bonus too.

  32. You are correct, salaried does have to hit plan to make their bi-annual bonuses. But just like beginning of year when they gave all ASMs 6k during the the store manager meetings, they gave all store managers a vacation package worth 12k, that wasn't due to plan. It was special bonus, they will.take care of their salaried leadership.

  33. I kinda miss my old LG, would run YT on one screen and play game on second at same time while on lunch

  34. Awesome set, I'm close to completing mine!

  35. I don’t even know what that is. It’s the PR flag 🇵🇷

  36. Glad to see a fellow Boricua with a GTI

  37. Your store manager or ASM should be able to reach out to regional field merchant and have them review on hands and cut down quantities

  38. There are many 7’s with 30-50 thousand km’s selling for more than what paid for my 8.

  39. Double edged sword right now, I'm sure I would get way more now to sell my MK7.5 GTI Autobahn than I ever will. But finding a car at or close to MSRP seem impossible

  40. This is how much they are around me. Even with more miles.

  41. Just read an article that said the car market is going to crash, too many lenders gave loans out to people that didn't deserve then, record number of repos this year and still climbing. I will patiently wait it out with my MK7.5 GTI, eventually dealers will be flooded with all the cars they ordered and prices will come down

  42. Newer cameras have better resolution, won't have to pay for anything extra. I have been using Arlo Secure Plus. Arlo Secure is up to 2k resolution and Seure Plus is 4k resolution cloud storage. Main reason I use Secure Plusnis for the Emergency Response as I travel quite a bit, peace of mind being able to call authorities within the Arlo app. Both subscription plans are compatible with all Arlo cameras and door bell.

  43. Yes you should be able to add different model cameras. I have an older Pro.2 and recently zdded the new wireless doorbell, 1 arlo essential camera and 1 arlo floodlight camera. No issues at all

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