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  1. This should be reported to news outlets! That is so shitty! Whoever decided that was a good idea should be fired or made to work in a store for the same amount of $$ hourly associates make

  2. Yes, not sure what the cause was but so far so good

  3. Could be several things. Check the tension on the belt first. Followed by the bearing on the wheels. Also check the stepper motor. Make sure screws are tight and nothing loose

  4. Download the Funko app, you can look up value ok the app

  5. Got this Fold 3 back in October of last year. Did the test again this time at 100 percent charge and it still shows battery as "Bad".

  6. Settings>Battery and Device Care>Diagnostic

  7. Appreciate all of the responses. To answer a few of your questions. I used my own personal credit card to make the purchase. The special order range was supposed to take 3 weeks to get to the store. This was back in February. Sometime in March they realized that there was a mistake and the range was never ordered. They tried to explain to me that the sales associate used an old system to ring up the transaction instead of using the newer "redvest". The ASM said that the old system did not order the range so they had to refund my original order which was put on a merchandise card and then they used the merchandise card to reorder the range using the newer software. This was not made known to me until this past week! Now the same range is on backorder with no ETA.

  8. Less than 20 miles from this dealership another Ford dealer has a Mach E GT for $61

  9. First Halo game that I gave up on without completing the campaign! Didn't keep my interest at all

  10. It's obviously unfinished with how it's clearly set up for co-op in so many missions

  11. When they turn co-op on I'll give it another go around

  12. To think that this happened only 65 years ago

  13. I just dig the snow out and then place it upside down on a towel and let it dry out. I don't have a Traxxas I have an Arrma but that's what I do with it.

  14. Said it best...I always do this when it gets wet

  15. I recently bought our 8 year old the 2wd version, with the intent of teaching him how to repair it and upgrade it as he feels more comfortable with the speed. We already have a couple of upgrades planned for this weekend

  16. I've called every dealer near me and they are only getting 1 R, and they are all sold. I was told that they will more and likely turn the R into a "Order Only" like the current iD4 but that won't happen until late February or early March

  17. SunStoppers they have lifetime warranty, and 35% is the legal limit. They will go as dark as you want but it's up to you to A.find someone that will inspect it and accept full responsibility for how dark you go in case you get pulled over

  18. Did you put a deposit down for it? Did they have a huge markup on it? I a'm checking daily to see if dealership near me have any.

  19. Always a good idea to clean your RC after bashing, I know they say "waterproof" electronics I wouldn't risk leaving it like that long term. I clean mine with simple green spray.

  20. You can find a LiPo fireproof safe storage bag off Amazon for less than $15. I have several from the brand Zeee and they come with a charge port as well.

  21. MK8 Golf R has heated windshield washer nozzles, no heated wipers though

  22. That artwork is sweet, where can I find that?

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