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  1. No no u should get his video where he “slips” from the roof of his house

  2. Hide and neek in arabic is hide and fuck so that would be interesting to say the least

  3. Any advantage from switching to the US for your studies will be related to the specific University.

  4. Thank you very much for your help! To answer your questions, I attend Alexandria University here in Egypt. There is no campus recruiting or career placement office here (not that I know of anyways). As for University of Louisville I would maybe take a look at their website as it is not really practical for me to go there anytime soon. But I will take a look more on the option of maybe finishing university here and completing my studies (masters degree for example) abroad. Thank you again!

  5. Replacement box?? 👀🧐🕵🏽‍♂️

  6. I can’t remember if it was in its original box, as I had to throw the box anyway coz I had no space

  7. I like this bred colorway and I got these for like $150. Lowest ask on the highs rn is like $700. I was only working as a waiter during the summer when i bought these so i wasnt exactly loaded lol

  8. Liverpool. First game in the prem using sunderland. Both My keepers got injured. Lost 11-0.

  9. My anniversary is 10/24 and my daughter’s name is Ada

  10. Most of the job postings i see say that they require at least a masters degree (some even require PHDs). Do I need more than my undergraduate degree supplemented with a few courses and projects to do in my free time so that I could enter the world of data science?

  11. Don't treat it as binary, the answer is always no because there will be outliers.

  12. Yeah sorry if my question wasn’t clear enough. I am aware that it is not binary, but what I meant was is a master’s degree worth it and will give me an edge or is it a waste of time and money

  13. I was just listening to it in the car. I think its groovy and tbh I think it's more attractive to people that are non Weeknd fans. I've heard people play that song that do not even like him

  14. Fair enough I just think this alongside dark times are one of his worst songs that are not remixes

  15. Hahaahha I was thinking of deleting the post but no one was mean/disrespectful so I’ll just take the L

  16. Alexbank, QNB and the postal service in egypt accepts transferring money via paypal. im speaking through experience of a friend because he also does freelance and gets paid via paypal

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