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  1. Not sure what kind of spider this is. But if I was an explorer and the first to discover it, I would dub him ‘Pumpkin Butt Spider.”

  2. I don’t remember asking how old your goofy ass was

  3. You said, as written: ‘Turtles are the ultimate betas in the animal kingdom just like you and your old man’. For him to be old he has to be 50 or over. He’s 46. I’m not that old either

  4. So you read that comment and thought “hmmm I guess this guy wants to know how old I am.” Your “old man” is your dad brainiac

  5. I don’t really know what turkey smells like I just know it’s different than human

  6. Nah nah nah not too relatable but is understandable and makes sense

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