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A Republican's Prayer

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  1. Incoming "wow jus talk to her bruh" comments

  2. Being state sponsors of genocide is much worst.

  3. Redditors will rage at anything Russian you know...

  4. Don't "consider" it. Just do it. Do the same with all of META products and all that other bs bloatware that we can't delete.

  5. Western journalist meanwhile busy questioning India for buying Russian oil.

  6. The real comparison would be how much Europe has had imported in previous years during the same time frame

  7. That's true. Russia has been shitty for decades. That didn't start with the genocide of Ukraine.

  8. That's cool. I'm still not using any META products. I won't soon forget how they allowed bad actors to use their platform to steal sensitive user information and launch massive manipulation campaigns.

  9. By this point everyone knows GOP- appointed judges are only there to satisfy the political needs of a shrinking minority. All I know is that this isn't a sustainable concept. The silent majority knows what they're doing and sooner or later there will be backlash. I hope this backlash comes in the form of rendering these Republican political activist judges irrelevant along with all their legacy.

  10. Counter offer: Turkey turns over every single person that violently attacked US citizens during his 2017 visit. We have not forgotten about these criminals.

  11. To be fair, Ukrainians call Russians the dehumanizing “orcs.” But there is a difference: Ukrainians use the language for invading soldiers, while Russians use it for civilians- targeting them all as subject to extermination, just like the Tutsis.

  12. Linking Russians to a very popular work of literature was a mistake in my opinion. That's why I don't call them orcs. I like watching the movies and reading the books without thinking about genocidal Russians.

  13. Are Ruzzians welcome anywhere now? They've killed themselves into a hell of a corner, if street names like this are anything to go by...

  14. If Trump is ever elected again, Russians will be welcome in the White House. It has already happened.

  15. The gun lobby won't let people forget since they're milking it to drum up gun sales.

  16. Remember folks, guns are never the problem. Instead blame videogames, the media, libs, mental illness, lizard headed aliens, etc...

  17. I want trump and desantis to tear the party apart but I don’t want Biden to run again.

  18. Speak for yourself. I think Biden has been a great president and I wouldn't mind him doing another 4 years. He has really exceeded my expectations.

  19. Boromir's death is ok. It was probably a blessing in disguise considering the ring was already overpowering him.

  20. I mean... 'Fly, you fools' is pretty damn memorable. Boromir's desth scene has more time to breathe, it's definitely impactful, and emotionally resonant, it's fucking great. But "memorable"? The bridge of Khazad-dun, you cannot (or shall not) pass, the secret fire, flame of udun, fly you fools... I'd argue Gandalf's is more memorable.

  21. Exactly! Boromir's death is also the less consequential of all the ones listed here.

  22. Bro they have nukes, idk why everyone’s so gung ho to escalate the conflict. I don’t want to die.

  23. You don't stand down to Russia because they yell "nukes" every other day. Historically that has been terrible for humanity, particularly Russia's neighboring countries.

  24. Sadly this really isnt an option, to secure the skies all SAM sites within range will need to be destroyed. Including in Belarus and Russia. Would give Putin the excuse to push that shiny red button, at least for a tactical yield.

  25. No one wins a nuke fight, we all perish in a very very shitty way. Least thats what I learned in training.

  26. That's why it's up to Russia to deescalate. The threat of nukes will not stop NATO from reacting accordingly. Meaning if NATO deems it necessary to enforce a no-fly zone they will do just that. Using tactical nukes will not help Russia in any way.

  27. For NATO to have a soft response, or no response at all, would be devastating. The alliance must react or its commitment to protect its members could be perceived as weak.

  28. A strong response is needed. A NATO member was attacked and at least 2 of their citizens were killed by Russian missiles.

  29. Luckily Biden doesn't rely on Russians for political "wins" unlike Republicans.

  30. Wtf are you talking about? You think the average Russian soldier is aware and complicit with the price of putins coat?

  31. Basically Russians have two options: get killed by their murderous government for standing up for themselves, or get killed in Ukraine while murdering innocent civilians. Russians always chose the latter and people notice.

  32. One of those choices is guaranteed death immediately. The other is not. People faced with death as a choice should not be expected to choose death.

  33. Trump is crazy but the FBI helping out Republicans win elections is not. We saw that when Comey helped Trump get elected in 2016.

  34. Travel to any country for any Russian national should be heavily restricted or forbidden. This is what's already happening in many western countries and I hope to see stricter restrictions be put in place.

  35. What a sad way to die. If Russians had even a little bit of the bravery that Iranian women have standing up to their own government, this war would've been over a long time ago.

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