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  1. Tagilla different spawn chances day vs night? Interesting. This might have been common knowledge but I didn't know.

  2. What's happening? Just getting re-interested in Tarky. Every boss on Customs right now??

  3. Yeah Pre-Wipe event, day one Customs and Woods had constant air drops, like 4 at least on a map.

  4. wow. that's cool. I jumped into interchange runs and labs a couple days ago. didn't know all this was going on in customs.

  5. > Do this with your check weapon and fix button turns two presses into one.

  6. Referring to setting them to the same button so you'd set what key you want set check to press and fix to release for the same key

  7. I understand exactly how they work. Just tough seeing it off by 1% from 30%, which is a very common mod to see over the past number of years.

  8. I tried it in offline, died instantly on first attempt lol

  9. as soon as i saw the "unable to connect to achievement server" I got anxious:cry:. Sry for your loss that sucks.

  10. Mark should come here and suggest the best case scenario here. Do you log out? Do you town?...

  11. wait til you find out what he's done with Magic The Gathering.

  12. Ah see I prefer windows+shift+s so can drag over exactly what I want to capture.

  13. It infuriates me that I can't do this and hold alt, in order to see advanced mod descriptions and screenshot them. Back to the ol' paint crop then.

  14. Could be, but I've run into maybe one other person doing food runs, so they're relatively safe and quick if you beeline there and then to extract. My friend did the numbers on it and if you fill one of the 30-35 slot bags on a food run (not uncommon) you can make 350k every 7 mins or so for very little risk, even more if you take a belt rig and nothing in your ass and fill those up. Plus if you keep a little of the food you aren't paying for food either, which also helps.

  15. I do like 1.5mill runs thru tech stores. Highly spawn dependent. And gotta know how ton snake thru / which path to take next depending on the tempo of the match. But that was like 2 wipes ago… the tech stores are super common knowledge now so might not be that reliable.

  16. I used to run tech stores around the same time. Kiba and Ultra Med were the big winners though. That entire run is a shadow of what it used to be, unfortunately. I miss those days where you could pretty reliably find gpus in the tech stores and sometimes multiple ledx in Ultra Med. It seemed like every other raid I found at least one gpu across all the tech stores and Ultra was a coin flip between one or two ledx, three if you were insanely lucky. Now it seems like it takes insane luck to find one ledx in Ultra or one gpu across all the stores.

  17. yeah so true. shit was so fun. agreed, I would rush ultra med key purchase, and incorporate that into my tech route.

  18. That's cause you watched a 1 minute clip of a much longer livestream, the parts people don't understand were explained before and after this clip, not his fault

  19. Do you have a link to the stream/general timestamp? I like this guy and would be interesting in watching it.


  21. im out of town. probably wont be for next few days , ihope? cuz no prewipe events yet?

  22. Wipe probably isnt this weekend cuz they havent done any prewipe stuff? is that fair to assume?

  23. I was wondering why I couldn't get anyone in my Baal run games tonight.

  24. Dumb move by Blizzard. Banning for MH on a 20+ YO game. ... please.

  25. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. It doesn't matter how old a game is/was. Using such tools is against their TOS, simple as that.

  26. just stating facts. i'm a huge d1 and d2 fan - just like everyone on this sub. I want success for the game. I was hyped about d2r and played it. I hope all botters get wiped. yadda yadda yadda. But I fear this might split the player base between 2 separate games. Wonder if they'll be able to merge servers, so d2 players can play w/ d2r players (perhaps that's already a thing). Keep as many players around and playing together as possible.

  27. As a newcomer to MW, I kind of get it, but not fully. Something about creating a loop of drinking +int potions and being allowed to create even better +int potions, maybe.

  28. F. Nice effort tho. Hate to see it against a guy that has a 5L.

  29. Honestly, the quickest way is just buying them. They aren't that much. You can get full sets for a bit more on tft or do individual trades if you need a deal

  30. what is tft btw. I'm on it now... it looks like a trade site?

  31. Depending on your damage you might not be able to inflict ailments on some monsters (bosses like Sirus for example). Increasing the effectiveness should make it easier to inflict them. Of course upping damage would do this as well. I remember trying to freeze Sirus on a FP build a while back, using this stat is how I was trying to achieve it

  32. POB doesn’t calculate your ailments for you, you can see the DPS impact if you manually enter the magnitude of your ailments in the calcs screen. That’s why you’re not seeing a change.

  33. pob can calculate it, select the Calculation tag on top left of pob, choose your main skill on the right panel (the View Skill Details panel), you can see the ailments you can cause from your build below the Skill Hit Damage box (along with atk/cast speed, crit chance, ...), there is a Non-Damaging Ailments box there if you can cause any, hover you mouse onto the number beside the ailment you wanna check, like Brittle Effect Mod, you can see a small table with ailment threshold and Brittle Effect relative to that ailment (this is calculating the enemy you choose from the Configuration too)

  34. that means to get to 10% effect of Brittle, enemy's Ailment Threshold must be 600,347 or lower (Ailment Threshold's normally equal to Maximum life, except for end game bosses so you can cause it easier), the "current" in the parenthesis mean you register your Brittle in the Config Tag to be 10%. Can i ask how can i post image to Reddit? i can show mine images and we can discuss further

  35. Thanks. Take screenshot and upload to something like tinypic or imgur (imgur makes you temp disable your ad blocker to post). Then just copy paste that link - you can't directly post an image in the comments section.

  36. You shouldn't really be taking those top nodes if you're only just getting into reds. It's better to have a mapping tree and farm some currency until you can comfortably farm t14-16 maps and then switch to the nodes which drop boss maps

  37. Well it's the step of endgame progression before where you want to be. Once you can farm t14-16 maps you get guardian and conqueror map drops, and can get either progress towards eater or exarch each map. Doing all 4 conqueror maps will get you a Sirus fight, and the same for shaper and elder guardians. Using maven to witness these fights will get you invitations which will eventually lead to fighting maven. These are all the standard boss cycles, only accessible in t14+ maps.

  38. Thx. Yeah a buddy hooked me up w/ a map pool, which is why I wasn't too concerned about "how to get to" the map pool.

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