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  1. Felon in possession of illegal gun who died while reaching for it. Stop trying to generate outrage. He died as a result of his stupidity.

  2. What part of “he was reaching for the gun” do you have trouble understanding? PS the cops were in uniform.

  3. Yeah not enough hoes twerking on cars during rush hour!

  4. I mean… what’s wrong with getting some exercise in while you’re stuck in traffic?

  5. Not so fun fact… Republicans in North Carolina had attempted to pass a bill last year that would make getting an abortion, at any time, a Capital Offense.

  6. Hmmm, I thought it was still Jay Walking…

  7. I grew up in WLA and the idea was (maybe not the law) to look both ways before you cross... When visiting friends in WLA on many occasions I noticed suicidal pedestrians who would just walk into the street without any kind of signal or look... Further some pedestrians would get mad if you continued forward if they were 4 or 5 full steps from the curb or corner. I am from LA and people there, especially in SM(where I grew up and super lucky for it) are stupid and crazy. This speaks to an overall stupidity that people have succumbed to all over America - they think because there is a law, that gives them freedom... The reason that's so stupid is because everything about community, unity, thoughtfulness, integrity and common sense gets 2nd place because of this additude. It's backwards - community, unity, thoughtfulness, integrity and common sense come 1st and if that can't get the job done, then we have legal methods to deal with situation, not the other way around....

  8. Crossing the street anywhere in LA without a light can be terrifying… especially on Santa Monica Blvd in West LA between Federal and Bundy. 3 lanes in each direction… cars driving 40-45… and just this big white faded crosswalk that most drivers have no idea is even there.

  9. I don't think attorney general are voted for in nj. Doesn't the governor appoint them? Republicans would need to win the governorship to nominate

  10. Fun fact… Republicans in Maryland just voted for their candidate for Attorney General to be a dude who was on the board of “League of the South”. Who gave speeches about how the South should secede. Who sang “Dixie”. Who wants to dismantle Public Education… because white Jesus wants it to be.

  11. I like how OP uses a cut version of the full question.Why dont you upload the full video you coward.

  12. LOL! Conservatives always find a way to make themselves look and sound even dumber…. Every single time.

  13. Fun Fact… the “Easter Bunny Costume” is a White House tradition that Communications Staffers wear at the annual Easter celebration. Former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer was known as having worn it when he worked in the W. Bush White House.

  14. Deebo Samuel (star Wide Receiver for the 49ers) caught a ton of shit for not signing an autograph at an event recently The team put rules in that athletes are not supposed to sign anything because they would get mobbed by piles of shit like that guy.

  15. And I’m sure if the rule was “kids only”, these pieces of shit would hire kids to get it for them

  16. Shooting an armed man in the back is a fucking war crime.

  17. The point being made is that they’re not saying he was armed with a gun… just calling it a vague “deadly weapon”, which could be just about anything that’s not a gun.

  18. You get that that last Elmo wasn’t an official Elmo… and was just a weirdo in a knockoff costume… right?

  19. Get the fuck off the school board you goddamn piece of shit asshole

  20. And this is the price we all will pay for allowing Conservative groups to take over education.

  21. Aren't most school board officials elected? Sounds like you want those elections overturned... hmmm

  22. He had already spent 6 hours threatening the lives of others. Does that suddenly not count anymore?

  23. By “threatening”, do you mean sitting in his apartment and refusing to answer attempts to talk to him?

  24. They didn't give a shit about him... They just want some sweet $$$$$$! They look like scumbags and they are happy to exploit the situation.

  25. You mean the parents who say they absolutely agree the woman should be pissed about what happened that night…. And all they want is police to be transparent to see if they followed policy?

  26. How do they just stand there and listen to her story and decide to remain to protest. I try to read on every incident with police and I’m sorry to say, most are completely justified.

  27. The press conference, held by the parents seen here in the blue hat and woman next to him, were only to call for release of the bodycam videos.

  28. Well the comments section of this post didn’t go the way the OP was expecting…

  29. I can't tell exactly which bags were stolen, but that store does sell bags that go for tens of thousands, and even offer one at $138,500.

  30. How the hell do you know they’re 1k bags? Where you one of them....... I’m impressed with your bag to dollar value appraisal!

  31. You know stores have websites… where they advertise how much their products cost, right?

  32. To be clear… this was a press conference from the family of the man shot. Where they are calling for release of body camera videos to see if police policy had been followed. The parents are the white couple seen trying to talk to the upset mom in the other angle.

  33. Just lower your shit. People gotta work in the morning.

  34. “I chose to have a job that requires me to be up at 1:30am… therefore society must live around my hours instead of me finding ways to mitigate distractions of the world going on around me…”

  35. Weird how industrialized nations around the world are able to live everyday lives without being ammosexuals…

  36. Is that why he told her to "shut up" cause she and her children survived attempted murder?

  37. That wasn’t said by the father… that’s clearly said by someone behind the person recording…

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