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  1. No Remorse is one of the best Metallica songs. I've yet to listen to the CC cover, though.

  2. I doubt it. Dying is very rare. Most people only get to do it once in their lives

  3. I guess in Arabic-speaking countries, locking kids in a dark room is just kind of a thing

  4. Redditors try not to be racist when they see the word Arabic or Middle East challenge (100% impossible)

  5. Slightly funnier in Arabic because of the double meaning of the last sentence "He said he was going to seal the hole we came out of" and "He said he was going to seal the hole we came out from her"

  6. the greatest bass solo of all time though.... Alex Websters on Hammer smashed face

  7. It's not really a solo more like a fill but yea def. Glad to see CC and death metal fans here

  8. Both are against gay marriage, so…

  9. Not Overseer. Overseer has the iconic O of Fallout and in the image the O looks normal.

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