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  1. Reposting what you find posted from social media isn’t doxxing. Otherwise every post with the Devonshire or the Hamptons house would be considered doxxing.

  2. Drawing very inaccurate conclusions and associations from a post that is unrelated to Hillary is inappropriate so good on her for recognizing her mistake and deleting it. This sub is better than that. One hopes.

  3. Tori Spelling! God bless her. Crazy water does seek its own level.

  4. I think it had something to do with Sophia Bush wanting to gtfo of that environment. Maybe the producers were dragging their feet on writing her a meaningful exit, or maybe she just wanted to leave as quickly as possible. She’s spoken up about what went down when she was on the show

  5. Sophia always has trouble on her shows. That's one reason she has no career now.

  6. Lol what, just cause she is not actively acting does not mean she has no career. In that case Jesse doesn’t have one either. Not her fault she dealt with some awful people on various shows, the stories from oth set are terrible.

  7. Jesse directed this week's episode of Chicago PD! LOL. Sophia was even high maintenance at Westridge. It's just a fact and it's fine. She had a fair run. CAA is trying to keep her in the public eye, although the booze sponsorships are embarrassing. Chicago PD has been more popular since she left (hence the 3-year renewal deal for Wolf). It all worked out as it should have.

  8. That was ridiculous. I'm so tired of them treating her like she's their baby sister rather than a colleague. Frankly I'm starting to think it's Dick Wolfe's misogyny.

  9. Dick Wof's misogyny includes have more women in executive positions in his company than any other major producer in television.

  10. But it WAS imagined that it would happen. It's why the majority of the staff had walked off set due to safety concerns. She is such a ghoul to make this about her daughter while fake crying. Carmen never said any of that, guaranteed. Her mention of Halyna was just a side note at the end. Along with her being 'boolied".

  11. IF Carmen said that, it's a sign of her own (too young) mental illness. Good job, mom and dad.

  12. it’s in the recordings of Alec’s first police interview, there was a security cam in the room. It also recorded his phone call to hillary where he begged her to come w kids and she said no.

  13. That conversation said EVERYTHING about their relationship. Alec is a terrible person being exploited by a terrible wife. They deserve one another. Their children, however, deserve better.

  14. Before becoming The Second Baldwin Guest, aka Sra. Baldween, Hillary was a part-time yoga "instructor" who pretended to be 1. Spanish and 2. Co-founder/owner of several Yoga studios.

  15. Good summary but I'd make two corrections. First her parents weren't/aren't wealthy (and certainly not by Boston standards) but they are upper middle class. Second, her parents retired to Spain when Hillary was in her LATE twenties and had already met Alec (which is more damning).

  16. I work in black communities in the US on social issues I f’ing love it. I just love the people I’m around and grateful I get to be included in their families.

  17. She could have in Chicagoland but chose to stay on the North Shore.

  18. If that’s the truth of course that wouldn’t be okay with me. I thought she lived with her mom mostly? Wasn’t he working behind her back, getting paid to stage photos of him preparing for the wedding? He lied to her and told her he wasn’t. Now he admits he still gets cash from the pix. (I just now googled to confirm he was paid once, didn’t know he got residuals!). From what i observed, this was a dad cashing in on his daughter’s new life and didn’t mind making her look trashy when the entire world was watching. She needed him to be loyal to her and he wasn’t. You didn’t see her mom pulling that crap. She kept her mouth shut and supported her daughter.

  19. MM's mom has massive skeletons in her closet, including one that kept her from initially getting her LCSW. Daddy Markle paid $100k for MM's college education alone, the degree that involved international studies (including lessons about the BRF about which she claims ignorance). Either Northwestern isn't such a great school or MM, once again, is fabricating. Go with option 2 if you want to be correct.

  20. Honestly, if someone says "scholarship" and "law school" in the same breath, odds are, it's a lie.

  21. She's had a million "followers" for three months and NOTHING has come of it.

  22. She not trying to normalize breastfeeding. She's trying to normalize breastfeeding porn and gaslighting that it is innocent. For years women have fought for the right to breastfeed discretely in public, and she is ruining all the work put into it by fetishizing it and claiming the opposite. It is detrimental to women who really do breastfeed out of necessity. She faux breastfeeds in the 'dirtiest' way possible, and then gaslights that she's just 'a regular mom". No she isn't, she's a fetish model.

  23. That's the point. Since she's not "normal," she doesn't understand the most basic things.

  24. It's not about finances. He can't afford messing up another marriage because his ego is so fragile.

  25. Mary isn’t really playing along… Also what the heck is that position?? If she was actually being fed she would likely choke, and that bra looks rilly rilly comfortable for a breastfeeding mum!

  26. Nursing a baby is a great joy. Hillary, however, has made it into her sickness.

  27. Hillary wants a sponsorship but she won't get one from any ethical company.

  28. I’m an elementary Spanish teacher for a pretty well off demographic - a LOT of the kids/parents come to me lamenting the fact that their nanny speaks Spanish with them and they used to be able to speak it, but they had no other place to use it so it faded away. It wouldn’t surprise me if before they (the kids) entered school they had some Spanish but it has fallen by the wayside with all of the other insanity happening in that house.

  29. The kids are at a bilingual school so, at school at least, they are speaking Spanish.

  30. Right, but it isn't immersion. There's a video she posted of one of the kids at school and the teacher is prompting him in English. I think it's just a partial Spanish curriculum, but it is very good they're getting it there.

  31. Right. It's a bilingual, not immersion (the summer program is legit immersion) curriculum (like Cristo Rey in Chicago) although ISB does promote itself as immersion (which is leans toward in the later grades). But the kids graduate speaking both Spanish (and/or French) and English (certainly better than their mother) if they have any aptitude. The IB program there is great.

  32. Matt and Trey did a deep of fake of Trump. He would NEVER work with them.

  33. In Beacon Hill and academic and/or wealthy circles in Boston, her parents were nothing special. And Hillary was REALLY nothing special. My youngest went to Dana Hall. The kids (girls) there were superstars when she was there. And that's only one area school. CSW is known for its "everyone gets a trophy" approach to education which doesn't work in the "real" world. So, since Hillary really had nothing on the proverbial ball, she came up with a persona.

  34. These stories are so similar to those of child (TV and movie) stars from days of yore who wound up hating their exploitive and opportunistic parents and often wound up drug addicted, eating disordered, and/or suicidal.

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