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  1. *does* mon like that? she's smiling so it must be quite fun for her

  2. Well, being the only one with leaves covering her she feels a bit more confident than the other dokis. She's still missing some things though.

  3. Sayori feels naked and slightly confused. She goes to school feeling off and a little less sunny.

  4. Marin in natural with all her cosy home outfits will still look so good ngl

  5. If the limiter is that she can't dress fashionably, she can still wear shoes. Just not particularly flattering ones.

  6. I notice that her school uniform is not included in the list. So, this will either impact her school attendance and grades, or this happens over summer. If it is during the summer, then she could work this out if she could get out to a beach house on a private beach. Sunglasses could cover up her natural eye color. She could wear her underwear on the beach or go nude and end up with a total tan. Either way, I'm hoping Gojo-kun is there to help her out.

  7. Natsuki rolled out of bed and groggily went downstairs to see the cupcakes she was going to bring to the club. Upon opening the fridge door, she screamed.

  8. Naked Mr. Cow is the most disturbing thing here

  9. She will look nice, thus I will accept this.

  10. Long story short, my client has alot of common sense, and said that miku would be too cold in her official outfit (which I found cute) that's why I had to change it and make it more warmer.

  11. I think so? Since the leggings are thick pantyhose.

  12. Yeah, they all look great!

  13. If I had to guess, they'd feel self-conscious. Yuri feels that way regardless so

  14. Yuri: Monika shows up at your house. What kind of activities do you imagine doing together?

  15. They could tie up their hair or hide in their clothes. It could work.

  16. Okay how is she looking so good even in this😭😭😭Im jealous

  17. Even if they weren't wearing anything, I would still play it ☺️

  18. It's like how school uniforms are made to make the students feel ready to learn and follow the school rules. I can't remember exactly when, but I think Muse or Aqours did a performance in their uniforms in the anime. It has a different vibe.

  19. How would they feel not having their outfits or even the basics for a performance?

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