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  1. Just to clarify, as my reading pile seems to have grown quite a bit - this sounds more like dealing with the fallout, as opposed to preventing tampering in the first place, correct?

  2. The book is a deconstruction of Foundation. Well worth a read, even if there is not a 100% match for your current search.

  3. I did middle school between 2003 and 2005 in Italy. I don’t think it’s helpful though, that book contained a wide range of stories and chapters from different years (the Sentinel Sentry, the Veldt, and Ghost V in the sci fi section, Neverending Story and the Wizard of Oz in the fantasy section, I think also Animal Farm). From the style and ingenuity of some passages I think it was an older novel/story

  4. Thanks for the reply. Actually very helpful. Was the anthology an actual textbook, or something mass-market? Was it in Italian? Considering the other selections, your story would be by a well known writer, a humorist like Brown is a good guess.

  5. It was a school book we used during Grammar/Literature classes. All was translated in Italian, our English language courses were too backwards to allow fluent reading.

  6. Textbooks are tough, my usual source ( doesn't list them. Still looking though.

  7. In our very own solar system, we have Pluto and Charon tidally locked to each other. The barycenter is between them. The masses of the two bodies are similar and they are relatively close together.

  8. I remember when Usenet was almost 0% spam.

  9. Most of them were ghostwritten, FYI. But yeah, that was a fun character.

  10. AB 1482 has a 10% rent increase limit this year, IF YOU QUALIFY.

  11. Babylon 5, and happy cake day!

  12. Oh that seems interesting, I’ll check it out! Thank you

  13. The Well of Souls (Jack Chalker) is a computer powerful enough to recreate the universe (as many times as necessary.)

  14. And the idea of communications satellites remotely connecting devices around the world since the 40s

  15. It's *blindsided. Meaning you didn't see it coming because it was outside your vision.

  16. Blindsight is the ability of people who are cortically blind due to lesions in their striate cortex, also known as the primary visual cortex or V1, to respond to visual stimuli that they do not consciously see.

  17. Less profit from the mining sector leads to less money for political contributions leads to more scrutiny...

  18. Just in case, the second IS a dead ringer for the Bolo story by Laumer,

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