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  1. See if admissions can connect you to a current student who can talk to you directly about it. Assuming you’re applying to SU that is.

  2. My 13promax over heats really fast with no reason, the light dims on it completely even though it’s on the highest setting, issues with connecting to Bluetooth

  3. You were admitted ED? Have you checked your financial aid to do list in MySlice?

  4. Are there any items remaining on your financial aid to do list in MySlice? I encourage you to call the financial aid office on Monday to discuss. Their number is 315-443-1513.

  5. the deadline for spring isn't until monday. they probably won't send anything out until after that anyway.

  6. Really? They only do that for undergraduate applications? I'd reach out to transfer admissions and ask them what your next steps are then.

  7. Well I graduated in 08 and I still have over $200k in student loans sooooo…

  8. Don’t listen to him, he clearly isn’t low income if he owes THAT much to cuse. Trust me OP, their FA program is notoriously great, or at the very least better than that.

  9. Hmmm I’m not sure - mess with luminance in colors a lot, it can totally change a photo. Don’t mess with overall saturation. Do it for each color independent!

  10. his fanbase might be the corniest of any artist…


  12. Start with this, read it and understand all the functions and how to properly operate your camera before actually operating your camera so as not to cause accidental damage.

  13. If you’re just getting into photography, you might not even need a flash!

  14. Any tips when using the camera, because I’m not really sure how to start off with it as I usually just use a point and shoot

  15. It’s honestly not that much different. Aperture is probably the biggest difference, so make sure you understand that. Tldr is smaller number = less depth of field but higher brightness and a bigger number = more depth of field and less brightness, meaning you will need to decrease your shutter speed. If you don’t understand depth of field basically think of it as how much of the image is in focus (why some images have blurry backgrounds and other images everything is in focus)

  16. Hey Imaginary_Process185, this post would get more visibility either over on our discussion based subreddit,

  17. Hi. I’m an admissions rep so I talk to students about these things a lot. Are you a high school senior this year? If so, the FAFSA and CSS Profile will be available as of October 1st. Both forms are required to be fully considered for financial aid at Syracuse, and both forms must be submitted to Syracuse by January 1st. Depending upon your family’s financial info, you may be eligible for a significant amount of financial aid. You could use the Net Price Calculator to get an estimate:

  18. Thank you for the response, I’m a freshman spring 2022 transfer student and I’m still waiting on receiving my financial aid package!

  19. Please check your Financial Aid To Do List in MySlice to make sure the financial aid office has all the documents they need.

  20. I was waitlisted so I had to enroll at another school. I got a spring spot and I submitted all of the documents needed but haven’t heard back and it’s been a couple of weeks.

  21. Same but I haven’t gotten any financial aid package yet so I’m not even sure if I will be able to afford it

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