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  1. I know, for a fact, that they do.

  2. How would it not hurt the game? How do you imagine flying mounts working in node wars/sieges? They would be a must for everyone, lol.

  3. Corsair. Her suc is somewhere fom mediocre to good and awak is VERY mediocre.

  4. What do you mean? Awakening is the better spec, in both pve and pvp. It already was before the last buffs, now even more so.

  5. Awakening for 1v1, succ for nw and shit

  6. Gyfin underground by far, it's very chill, I think the difference between hours I'm focused and ones I'm completely distracted by 2nd monitor is very low, compared to other spots. And also less dfs than usual. And my main pulls very good numbers there, I don't feel like I'm behind like on some other spots.

  7. Why do I have to switch channels? I was there first, this is my spot until I finish.

  8. you don't own any part of the game. if someone accepts you being there first as the spot being yours that's all fine, but you don't have any more right to the spot than others tbh.

  9. Corsair low apm and easier to play. Maehwa is better though in pve, in every spot in the game

  10. Sorceress happens to be the first one I tried, but she's my main because she's my favourite type of charcter - a mage that fights in melee range. I really loved characters that are kinda like that in other games - Battle Mage in MapleStory, Sura in Metin2. I also really love the aesthetic of this dark magic, talismans amulets even scythes, instead of a long robe and staff.

  11. I don't care about that item anyways. It's not like it makes or breaks your character pve progression. I switch to an alt in the garmoth pit, kill the dragon, get some Crons and swtch back. No reason to get upset about it.

  12. how are they creatives if they need the art created for them lol.

  13. and then the landlubbers able to get it every week, especially guild that sits on uncapped region which is currently the best region to sit on if you grind.

  14. you can just not participate if you dislike it its fine you have 2 capped ones

  15. Well I run my own solo guild, got all the buffs possible. I dont declare wars, and nobody cant declare with me either. Also I can always put protect on, if someone declares so. But you need another account to hold the leadership, so you can put protection on your main account.

  16. How do you take guild quests while being solo? Requires 3 people online, no?

  17. what a non issue lol. nothing would change for you, it's just korea would get stuff later. seems like you spoil yourself by looking stuff up and then blame others for it

  18. "One combo meta is good, nobody wants to waste time dueling someone for more than 30 seconds"

  19. Of course one combo meta is good lol. One combo was never a problem. It's getting blown up while standing that's cancer. But if someone outplays you and you end up on the floor you should die, period.

  20. I'm all for buffing weaker classes, but PvE also has many points to take into account in balance.

  21. I don't think you need to be bitter to be happy that an outlier was brought down. The worst thing about the imbalance is the feel that you're gimping yourself by playing a class you enjoy. This choice between efficiency and enjoyment is a bad one to have in a game, IMO, and nerfs can help with that.

  22. I'm really starting to dislike grinding on my Sorc, but I've played her since release and I can't bring myself to switch. I have to go through her whole kit to do the same damage A Woosa does with just a few of her Sucession skills. It's become the norm for new classes to have massive AOEs with low cooldowns and good movement. At release I picked up Sorc because she had good movement, today Shadow Leap has a 5 second cooldown and I have to run from pack to pack most of the time. Whereas the new classes can just Shift+F as far as they want and then spam massive AOEs. I don't have anything against that, it's fun, but I'm comparison I'm just fealing weak having to put in so much more effort for the same results.

  23. I don't get it, sorc is good in pve. It's not top tier like Woosa, sure, but Woosa is just straight up busted and when compared to her most classes are kinda ass. But among all classes sorc is definitely among better ones. You can get competitive trash at every relevant spot (besides low end stuff like centaurs). And unlike most classes, both specs are basically equal in performance so you can use what you enjoy more. Of course I agree that PA should do a better job at making things more equal, and I think it wouldnt even be hard to do, but it's just that I never felt sorc performance was unsatisfactory, she's in a very healthy state. Succ corsair on the other hand... feels like shooting yourself in the foot to spend time grinding on it. Have trouble getting 15k trash on it on hexe, while on sorc I can get over 19k while being extremely safe. Massive diff

  24. This would be absolutely terrible, and I hope the day never comes.

  25. Thankfully it looks like they're just nerfing her PvP damage and keeping her PvE damage where it is.

  26. Pve damage is too high as well

  27. What does it matter to you, complaining about pve damages is the stupidest thing

  28. Nah Ignoring lack of PvE balance is the stupidest thing.

  29. ofc he wrote cringe shit about reporting and stuff, so that's lame, but other than that who cares it's an open world open pvp game, and while DFS doesn't mean anything in the rules, neither does being in the spot first. so if 2 people want the same spot at the same time they either have to resolve it peacefully or go at it with whatever they have. imo everything goes, declaring, flagging up, griefing, karmabombing, whatever. it's no big deal.

  30. This instantly made my day so much better

  31. I really liked it. Which is rare for me considering I usually am not a big fan of the episodic stuff. But this was really enjoyable, chill fun and Elaina was super likable

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