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  2. You should be able to, somebody on here has already done that by now, but what device do you have? If you have Live/Live II, these files will get ya back. For both PC/Mac

  3. Do you have the file for USB Update too?

  4. For some reason, what fixed it was scrolling through the sequences on the main page - the recording icon flipped to red and now it works. No idea what's going on there, but in case someone else finds this useful, this fixed it for me.

  5. You know you can arm and unarm the track by pressing the recording icon?

  6. I have 80 ohm Headphones and the drive on a quarter to have it on an acceptable volume. i dont really know if the can drive 250 ohms, but i guess so. You can use the main output put they are mono, so you have to use a splitter 2x mono to stereo if you want to use main output. But the easiest way is the front headphone jack.

  7. Hast eine Idee, wie das gehen soll?

  8. Zu jemandem mit hoher Bandbreite nach Hause gehen und sich mit dem Wlan oder Ethernet verbinden, per Laptop oder ähnlichem hängen nehm ich an

  9. Aha. Daran dachte ich nicht. Ich lass ja nicht leicht wen in meine Wohnung.

  10. Thanks! Will these work in standalone mode on the mpc one?

  11. Thank you for the response! And where can i find the mpc bible/ what is the title and author?


  13. Musst schauen wo die Kinder fortgehen.

  14. Nice, my vinyl with the smile cover arrived today too

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