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  1. I searched it up and seems like it is. Any ideas how can i revitalize it? The first time I transplanted it almost died and now this spring it regrew back, I don't know if it's the soil or the arid climate.

  2. Yeah, just cut off all the flower buds at a joint where leaves are sprouted. Take the cuttings and put them in water, they might root in the water. The plant in the ground will get bushier and thrive. At the end of the season leave some flowers to make seed and drop for next year.

  3. I have a co2 trap in my yard. Never seen wasps or bees in the basket. Moths and mosquitos mostly.

  4. I think Ozarks is more well known then Masters of Sex

  5. I like to use the square foot gardening mix of equal parts vermiculite, compost, and peat.

  6. Is that something I can purchase by the truck load?

  7. Compost maybe, but not the peat or vermiculite. I have the best luck getting large bags of vermiculite from hydroponic stores, but Home Depot sometimes carries it too. Look for the large not fine.

  8. Not that I’m aware of. I had the best luck with vermiculite at hydroponics stores. But Home Depot also carries it. Try to get large size chin ls, not fine.

  9. What is your concern? It looks fine to me. If you are looking at the strange flower head, it appears to be Spanish lavender.

  10. Add a little oil to it, like olive oil. This will negate the gooey. Then, use some dish soap to scrub it out.

  11. I like to unplug anything that could be using power or that auto starts in a power flash (my hot water pot does this), mail hold, set thermostat to cooler temp (warmer in summer), clean out fridge, empty trash. If I have time I clean, because I hate coming home to a mess…or schedule a cleaning for just before I return. Also, place a mail hold. Turn off the water.

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