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  1. Damn, wsb was suckin that big dick when it’s name got plastered all over the world because of gme. Y’all must have swallowed enough to be satisfied til the next major GME event, when you’re inevitably going to soften your stance because of the next influx of people to Reddit. Don’t worry, I won’t call anyone out on it when it happens. Just know you’re transparent as fuck.

  2. Probably the airline for the sponge filter. You could always throw a betta in it with some shrimp and snails OP. The betta would absolutely appreciate the space to move around.

  3. Live plants are great - Marimo moss balls, Anubias, Amazon sword, water wisteria, cryptocoryne - I’ve had bad luck with floaters. Dwarf hairgrass, Java moss, Java fern, Christmas moss. Eludia I believe can survive cold water, I just don’t like the look of it so don’t have it in my tank. Everything else I do and they’re thriving. Low tech, low lighting.

  4. Also do you think hornwort would do good?I've heard it does but just asking.

  5. I don’t like hornwort, but that’s just me. Yes, they would do fine, but I like plants that are big leaf, low maintenance, or in the case of dwarf hairgrass, grass. Same with eludia really. Both eludia and hornwort would do fine, they just go against what I’m trying to do.

  6. Lmao so the plant at the top is a bunch of different plants just floating together. There are some red root floaters and water wisteria jumbled together.

  7. What’s the most affordable setup to get him into a bigger aquarium right away? The lady at petco said it was fine and told me he didn’t need a heater and blah blah blah but obviously as I was googling the care for this little guy she was 100% wrong about his set up. I did Amazon him a cheap little heater and air pump and filter for his current “tank” but I’d like to move him into a bigger set up and pimp his tank out over time. I’m just unsure of everything that I would need? The baby shark set up is cute but I can just DIY that part for my toddler on a bigger aquarium. He named him William and he’s very attached.

  8. You can get a 10 gallon tank at petco for like 20 bucks. That, air pump, sponge filter, heater, and decorations and you’re in maybe 100 bucks for an actual viable tank

  9. What’s the best way or start to cycling a good tank of water for these two axos

  10. Best way is fishless for sure while adding in beneficial bacteria - dr Tim’s or seachem stability I’ve used to cycle my tanks, but it’s definitely not a quick process. You’re going to need a lot of time to establish the bacteria colony (weeks, potential months). While the axie is tubbed, keep up with the daily water changes with water conditioner and introduce ammonia into the water being cycled.

  11. What type of water should we be using? I’ve been using distilled water because that’s what my teacher has been saying to use, but I’ve been reading maybe spring water?

  12. You can probably use any water, just be sure it’s treated with a dechlorinator - I treat mine with seachem prime. If you don’t treat it with a dechlorinator, you’re never going to grow a beneficial bacteria colony - the chlorine kills the bacteria.

  13. Get a worm farm up and running. You can start up with 1k worms and eventually they’ll have worm babies, creating a never-ending cycle.

  14. Thank you. I’ve thought about it before but I worry about sinking money into it with the chance of not being successful. If you have any tips for success I’d love to hear them

  15. People will say the designer worm farms don’t work or aren’t useful; I had a learning curve with mine but now it’s fully running and worms are happy. I just had to leave the lid off of the worm farm for a few days, and get a worm blanket (can use an old shirt you don’t want to buy a specific worm blanket).

  16. I have a worm farm. you can compost your veggies, which gives worm dirt and makes excellent fertilizer, and you can feed the worms to the lotls.

  17. Correct me if I'm mistaken but that heater looks much too small for that tank. Do you have a thermometer to monitor temp? Bettas like it around 78°. That heater looks like it's made for no larger than a 5 gallon and if it is it definitely is not heating the tank adequately.

  18. Mfw I’m talking to a person who doesn’t know the difference between jpeg and gif, yet is trying to claim ownership based off their shill booklet that isn’t a “one size fits all”.

  19. My shill…. the NFT is not a jpeg or a gif. It’s that little blob of JSON. Which contains a link to what could be a jpeg or a gif. And I own it!!!

  20. Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring. Potatophone. Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding - potatophone!!!

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