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  1. lol yo it was a solid month of posts declaring TyTy as our starting point guard next year because one mock draft listed him as our likely pick

  2. To be fair, it wasn’t just because of one mock draft. He‘s a point guard who looked like he might be available in our range and he had the Kentucky pedigree same as Wall.

  3. If the Pistons buy out Kemba Walker he’d be in our price range for a straight up free agent signing and we don’t have to give up any assets. I could live with that.

  4. Don’t know the joke, but it’s wha they used to call a sports hernia.

  5. This one‘s obvious but the majority of these trade reports are just clickbait even when it‘s from a supposedly more legit source.


  7. Were we the first team to not have our pick announced because of commercials? I missed a few picks.

  8. I'm guessing we keep the 10th pick and trade for a fringe starting PG, but you know Tommy is working the phones right now. After the Westbrook trades you never know what this guy has planned.

  9. Right. If there is a trade tonight, there’s a good chance it won’t be anything anyone reported.

  10. If the church were true, the world would beat down the door. They should not need missionaries. People would see the blessings of tithing, all members would be prosperous, healthy, there'd be no crime.

  11. Another variable: it really helps the bottom line for contenders when they have good players outperforming their rookie contracts.

  12. Right, it’s a crap shoot. And every time you trade away a pick instead of using it, the you reduce your chances of hitting the lotto.

  13. This Abrahamic God was also totally cool with leaving copies on earth of his older Holy Scriptures in the original languages.

  14. How about we reunite Westbrook and Durant in DC? He’d go for that, right? Every night could be Oklahoma Heritage Night. Everyone in the DMV can promise to name their first-born son Kevin for the next three years.

  15. The Celtics were only a couple of games away from the NBA championship this year.

  16. Particularly, when he himself never went on a mission...

  17. Too busy performing in that musical at BYU in the middle of World War II.

  18. What about Mark Williams? Not getting much love, but maybe an athletic seven footer is a safer bet than some of these wings?

  19. Sadly she probably doesn't want to report because if she does she'll be blamed and kicked out of school. Happens all the time to girls who've been sexually assaulted

  20. Whoever we take with that pick, we would have a chance at having a decent or (if lucky) a really good player on a rookie contract for four years.

  21. I wouldn’t be happy unless Brad took a deep cut, to where we can move him when we finally throw in the towel on a blow up. How realistic is it to move a 250 mil contract at any point during the deal? His stock is only going to go down from here. There’s nothing sexy about trading Brad to a team for 40-50 mil annually a year or two from now.

  22. If it helps complete the team with 1st-rate players then it's great. We're 1 good PG from a really good team. With Corey, Rui, KP, Kuz, Beal, and a good PG that's a lot of scoring power and pretty good defense.

  23. The bigger question for me is how come the Wizards can never, ever get a player late in the draft who turns into a Dejounte Murray while other teams do it on a regular basis.

  24. It honestly wouldn’t be that much different. They’re not good and they have no cap space or flexibility. Unless they’re going to use Kuzma as a trade asset, any benefit to the Westbrook trade is superficial.

  25. Right. One more season and the original Wall contract would have been off the books anyway. It’s not like miraculously moving the Wall and Westbrook contracts really improved our situation that much if at all.

  26. Honestly I feel like we have drafted well over the last few years. Deni over Haliburton is tough but I like Deni. Id take Rui over anyone drafted after Rui in 2019 except for Jordan Poole but that was never happening anyways. And not a lot of first round picks taken after Kispert have had success.

  27. There’s no way on God’s green earth it makes sense for him to opt out of 47 million even if he knew for certain it meant sitting for the entire season.

  28. It is, if the rockets are willing to buy him out. They sat him all of last season so I don't think it's guaranteed.

  29. I think we need to calm down, we got porizingis for basically nothing, I think Tommy has shown he can trade. Brogodon on the cheap may be worth it

  30. Dinwiddie wasn’t a bad contract, it just didn’t work out here for a multitude of reasons. Bertans was a bad contract, but lumping Dinwiddie in with him is wiiild revisionist history

  31. Exactly! Which shows how tone deaf ya gotta be to be to offer that up again as a serious argument without even acknowledging it.

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