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  1. I can't imagine the challenges you have when one ethic runs up against another. I just suspect that in twenty years all the vegan products products will be made by Nestle' and maybe just a couple more big super-factory companies.

  2. Learned that lining the oven with aluminum foil leads to a visit from the fire department, a ruined turkey, and a kitchen covered with the contents of at least one generously sprayed fire extinguisher.

  3. Groomer found several of these (looked a lot like these) under our dog's long limbs/fur, and the vet said they were lipomas. Benign. Removed them and years have gone by without a return. But. Don't skip the vet.

  4. Sometimes you can flip the situation. One of my kitties was always trying to get into it while I get out each day's pills. I take an amazing amount of pills. I'm always afraid she'll get one or more.

  5. I'm very ill, and not really eating anything. But my husband got a jar of watermelon rind pickles for me. A little piece of a pickle fills me with sentimental memories. I can't eat more. I can't drink half an Ensure over a whole day. Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. I think unless my doctors figure something out this is my last one. I hope I can have a little watermelon rind. It's getting hard to find but it's pretty easy to make if you can get a thick rinded watermon.

  6. Can I get one of those for my C-PAP machine?

  7. I am only this far in the thread and still haven't seen a name for it. If if you find out first what it's called, and if it can be used with CPAP, would you let me know? and I'll do the same for you.

  8. I’m a BiPap user and that accurately describes the feeling when I have a power outage in the night.

  9. I'm fighting so badly with mask seal and straps. I just have to wonder if this gadget would work with BiPap.

  10. Skyler rubbing guacamole on the fridge. Walt and Hank wrestling over tequila and Walt. Jr. barfing. Walt driving with his his eyes shut into head-on collision with a truck. And I usually close my eyes when someone is actually buying it.

  11. Think of all the pets beloved just as much all over the world. Most are owned by families with far fewer resources than you. They couldn't have come up with 5k. Please take it easy on yourself. It's awful that our cats and dogs get hit by cars, even inside only pets, but they do. We could spend all the world's GDP on pet care and maybe cover it all, but I guess everybody is scrambling for their share of all the money.

  12. What's with a lot of the old menus having just celery as an option for appetizers?

  13. Yes! I really wonder how it was served? Was it just some raw sticks on a plate?

  14. Cheese squeezed down the center with a cake decorator, or peanut butter & raisins. It's something the kids can make.

  15. I don't know why a relish plate is a very important to my idea of Thanksgiving.

  16. If Skyler had really been the right amount of dirty, so Walt trusted her from the start, she'd have kept Jesse in line, they'd have made the right amount of money (not an IRS-triggering $737K but just enough to invest and get the treatments paid for) and then taken the whole thing apart in a timely way. Baby is born, there is no longer anything to hide, and they can live off the interest, and no major entanglement with anyone scarier than Jesse.

  17. When a stranger comes up to you and whispers that your private parts are too visible, you probably only have a couple more years to go with that item of clothing if you buy new underwear. Or just go all out and donate it so you can make your underwear last longer.

  18. I am too old and disabled to play with horses, alas, but I love learning from you all. I just wanted to tell you, however, that a flag on a swishy pole is pretty useless when it comes to trying to make a cat behave better. Escalate, escalate, escalate!

  19. When I went behind the middle school gym to read, everyone else seemed so happy running about chasing balls. (Who cares where a ball goes?) Sweating makes me feel dirty. When my heart rate goes up it's always like experiencing a panic attack. You say "most people" don't enjoy exercise? I thought I was the odd one, and very much so.

  20. I haven’t made it past like episode 4 it feels kinda heavy to me (there’s no funny lawyer no black and white flash forwards nor any feet wexler, unbravo star wors)

  21. It's all punishment we knew was coming. It's like breaking something we know is precious and irreplaceable to both parents--first thing in the morning, the first day we're trusted to stay home alone on a sick day. Do we just call and get the reveal over with? No, we wait till they are pulling up into the driveway. We know it's going to be more than painful.

  22. To be tormented by dreams is painful. Learn to lucid dream. I have a lot of very interesting dreams now and escaped the same old dremes. It may take years! But the results are worth it. One key is to try to scrawl out the plot of your dream immediately, before you are all the awake. This has to be an everyday habit.

  23. Nevermind the extortion. The proof you will obtain is proof that you possess these illegal images. So there you are, you are a kitty porn collector. Bad stuff.

  24. Unless you absolutely must pinch every penny until it screams, I do suggest you stop short of drudgery. Treat yourself occasionally.

  25. Everyone else has had this. A longhaired kitten whose mother was attentive to this maybe ought to have one extra week with mama. I know you're in a hurry but it beats finding little presents on the pillow. A shorter sanitary clip and a package of baby wipes, maybe cut up into frugal pieces, might do you well. Do not let the kitten have drama over it. Instead, please do a butt wipe morning and night and reward at once with something healthy.

  26. When we arrive on hikers on a trail-- we speak ASAP and say HELLO loudly and also immediately ask them to please say hello so that our horses know you're people! a friendly way. It is important. Other folks claiming horses needs to be acclimated have limited horse life experience (at least in breadth). A trail horse that's been doing decades of trails with and without other horses and people can still become anxious or even spook if you stand still without making human noises. It's extremely high risk.

  27. Our animal husbandry now reduced in our age to cats and a dog, and when we have a visitor we urge him or her to say hello. Hiding and hissing have both reduced!

  28. They'd have to do drastic things to get me back on board. Lassos? I'd be last back on board on board for sure.

  29. I'm talking to you. I'd tell your mother something different, in harsher words.

  30. Brock and peek-a-boo kid. They didn’t ask for nor deserve any of it.

  31. Peek-a-Boo kid must have ended up better than he was when Jesse found him.

  32. The high school custodian that got fired

  33. Probably ended up better off by the time of the end of the show.

  34. Theres rude clients and another reason I left the field is as a black person, there can be a bit of racism in the field. I had to work my ass off and still got a smaller raise than my other coworkers due to my “tone of voice”. I literally have high functioning autism. But bc im a black women my tone of voice is aggressive apparently. I also wasnt trusted with the drug box even tho I had been working there longer than my other coworkers who were trusted with it. I think they thought I would steal drugs meanwhile I have caught a coworker stealing drugs. Also my manager (a white women) said the n word with a hard R when telling a story about something. It would have made sense to just say “n word”. And none of my coworkers understood why it made me uncomfortable. She was in a position of power and I was the only black person working there, so she got away with saying it. Even though it made me uncomfortable.

  35. I'm so sorry. You're not a black woman with HF autism in my mind. You are a human being doing very important work and I am want to assure you I see it. Wish I could send you something I inherited, but have no person to leave it to. No way to send each other things safely here.

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