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  1. Im just picturing destiny teaching biden how to setup discord

  2. Building a new reddit type site wouldn't be all that hard, it's the cost of hosting it that's the issue.

  3. It's gotta be the case that mostly die hard fans went to watch, considering the audience score on RT is 87%, while the review score is 29%. I'm inclined to think that the reviewers are right on this one.

  4. Do people rank Solo Leveling lower because of its popularity? It’s still, without a doubt, the best manwha I’ve ever read. The art is miles ahead of everything else I’ve seen and the story was tremendous. It also wrapped everything up absolutely perfectly. I feel like it’s what every other manwha aspires to be.

  5. Plot got really bland and mc has 0 personality aside from cutting arms off

  6. Haven't read it in a while, I lost interest when he took over the cult.

  7. I bet Gad is fine with all the false positivity as long as it's about playing defense for opinions he agrees with.

  8. I dont think anyone is crying about copyright for hacked icloud nudes? I dont get your point

  9. They're saying that the images weren't hacked but from a camsite or something like that. No idea whatever Leafy broadcasted was sourced from that, but it's still a scummy thing to do.

  10. Masks is another one they tout I believe. But only cloth masks are said to have little effect (if anything), other masks still provide decent protection.

  11. It started off okay but I lost interest. The characters are not interesting at all and the story just became a mess.

  12. To make things even, Trumpers better stop dressing up their kids in MAGA paraphernalia.

  13. Yeah it is. Burt gets so much hate and I don’t get it. I mean I do get he’s a narcissist hahaha but he’s a weird kind of narcissist because he has such a big heart and is so genuine. I just don’t know how people can see a video like this and be like fuck that dude. And there are so many videos of Burt being genuine like this. And before people say his stand up sucks that’s fine but then just don’t listen to it. I’m not a huge fan of his comedy myself it’s just not my style but I can’t imagine giving him the kind of hate he receives because we all know comedy is super subjective maybe the most subjective media outside of maybe music genera’s.

  14. Well a lot of the time he's genuinely annoying, which obviously is going to turn people off. As for having a big heart, I haven't really seen that. He usually comes off incredibly self centered, which seems to contradict that.

  15. It was super painful. Mark’s throwing some funny one liners out there and the rest are going for a comedic take.

  16. While the rest is thinking like a comedian (how can we make jokes about this), Joe is thinking like a boomer (how can I get outraged about this).

  17. Dit riekt naar psychische problemen, hij heeft therapie nodig om uit te zoeken waar het probleem zit. Waarschijnlijk zal hij hier weinig zin in hebben maar als je open en eerlijk het gesprek aangaat zal hij zich hopelijk ook realiseren dat dit een probleem is waar hij mee aan de slag zal moeten gaan.

  18. "Go to the bathroom your biological body was made for" is cap. You don't want a clearly masculine looking trans man to walk into the women's bathroom.

  19. Before I saw this, I thought he was a relatively smart guy who had talked himself into some weird ideas. After I saw this, I realized that he's just a dumb guy who knows how to sound smart. To proudly publish this book requires being dumb in so many ways.

  20. Smart people can do dumb things. I don't think he's dumb, he's just lost it.

  21. This mld guy is genuinely one of the most pathetic red pill guys I’ve seen so far. Spent a couple of years studying in Tokyo and there’s actually so many of these types. Also, 5+ years of living in a country and not being able to speak the language is ridiculous

  22. Als iemand die cognitieve gedragstherapie heeft gehad zie ik geen probleem met het doel. Je kunt prima andere gewoontes en coping mechanismes aanleren, ook al komt het niet natuurlijk. Probleem hier lijkt de rigide aanpak te zijn, het verbaast me wel dat je hier PTSS van krijgt. Maar weet niet precies hoe het er aan toe gaat dus kan het niet goed beoordelen.

  23. ABA is operante conditionering. Autistische kinderen worden dmv straffen en belonen geconditioneerd bepaald gedrag te vertonen, ongeacht hun gevoel, fysieke behoeften of energie. Zo worden ze bijv gestraft voor geen oogcontact maken, fladderen, enz.

  24. Dat klinkt idd veel te intens (zowel qua duur als werkwijze), zeker voor een klein kind. Dat kon ik helaas niet uit het artikel opmaken, ik dacht dat het een periodieke sessie was oid. Verbazend dat zoiets uberhaupt toegestaan is in Nederland, hoe is dit door een commissie gekomen?

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