News from Inconceivable-2020

  1. Read: his donors paid his fine.

  2. Probably the RNC. They have wasted $Millions supporting him while he embezzles his own "Donations".

  3. Donors or RNC.. if their paying his personal debts that counts as taxable income right?

  4. For you or me, Certainly. For someone that the IRS and DOJ refuse to touch, Not so much.

  5. There are no "Accidental" shootings. It is always intentional, or negligence.

  6. She blames the poor reception to Solo on recasting a beloved character, instead of her greenlighting a bad story. Yet Young Lando was well received.

  7. Seems like cycling the umbrellas closed then reopen them might solve the issue, but they are probably not designed for that to be possible.

  8. Throw $Billions at ISPs to install Fiber. Do nothing when they pocket the cash yet again.

  9. He never wanted to own it. Just to manipulate the stock to his advantage for a while.

  10. If he doesn’t by it he losses $1b. Not really fuck around money.

  11. Voters are too busy celebrating Texas' string of Regressive laws to care about the power grid. Will certainly reelect Abbott by double digits.

  12. I'm surprised that a Red state has not already sued to have the right to a public defender overturned.

  13. They aren’t traveling faster than light though, they’re traveling through a separate universe to other places in our universe.

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