News from Inconceivable-2020

Stacey Abrams is running for Georgia governor in 2022

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  1. At the very beginning D&D said, "We are doing the whole thing in 73 Episodes", and when it became clear that it needed much more, they just said Fuck It, and mailed in the last season. You can lay some blame on HBO for not firing them before they left the flaming bag of shit on our doorsteps.

  2. Democrats have been crystal clear that it is 100% up to the VOTERS to stop it.

  3. Ohio's spiral into Theocratic Fascism is only just starting. They may already be past the point of no return, but they are nowhere near rock bottom.

  4. The 5th Circuit is doing everything it can to make Russian courts look honest.

  5. Being Atheist don't makes you just, Defendant has right to appeal. Justice has no religion.

  6. They are not going to get permission from London to have a referendum any time in the foreseeable future.

  7. They should be charged with refusing a legal order and dishonorably discharged.

  8. Overwhelming number of Conservative Billionaires (Koch/Mercer Syndicate) do not.

  9. He encourages them because it is what his District wants. He can't be speaker if he gets primaried.

  10. Which is exactly why Georgia Republicans passed Whites Only voting laws that SCOTUS will uphold.

  11. Democrats, who won't even investigate Child Predator Matt Gaetz, will do nothing to Boebert.

  12. Unless Democrats are holding a very large smoking gun over Meadows' head, he is almost certainly muddying the waters, not actually cooperating.

  13. Being a successful scam artist makes him a perfect Republican Candidate. The only thing that might hurt him with the Racist Right is his name.

  14. Evil Politicians do not just appear out of thin air. They are elected by voters that are at least as evil.

  15. Only one half. So the other half are Republicans or disinterested. Either case is a disaster.

  16. That's even worse. Republicans think Democracy is failing because they cannot win without cheating.

  17. Don't be surprised if Alabama Amazon Employees vote against their best interests by an even bigger margin. It's been trained into them from birth.

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