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  1. I’ve had a colonoscopy and they put you out for it

  2. I just scheduled one for September and they gave me a choice of anesthesia or be sedated and awake. I chose to stay awake.

  3. Everyone would be worried more about death. Most people would value time differently.

  4. So that’s going to stop you from applying and at least consider your other options?

  5. I've been at my job for almost 20 years. I have 216 hours PTO. Go somewhere different doing the same type of thing and I would make less per hour and way less PTO. That's why.

  6. I like the home button and fingerprint Touch ID better so I don't want any new iPhones

  7. I remember awhile back they used to let a regular golfer play the US Open course to see if they could break 100 maybe? I liked that.

  8. Does anyone know why sometimes they give you an option to cancel the trip and then you select a reason why but other times there is no option and you have to call support to cancel?

  9. So I know a market manager for Walmart and he said that shop and delivers depend on the area. If there’s high crime and theft in that area, they don’t offer them, if there’s little community need/desire for shop and delivers, they don’t offer them. One of the stores in my zone exclusively is curbside/batched dotcom orders for the theft reason.

  10. I had the different name thing happen twice yesterday. First time I'd seen it. One of the guys at Walmart said he thought it was because people share the Walmart plus account similar to the way people share Netflix accounts.

  11. Nobody should ever try to change the past in such a significant way imo. You could fuck up time and space just by having a beer in a bar in 1973 for all we know, nevermind killing a major figure in history.

  12. And if Hitler didn't exist history would be a lot different and the answer might be someone we've never heard of.

  13. I dropped Baddoo off my fantasy team he's been so bad. Hopefully he turns things around for you.

  14. I've dropped a milk and liquid detergent. Also accidentally smashed a bread once. All times I went to nearest place I could find and replaced it out of pocket. Hopefully I've saved some rating that way.

  15. We are all just one accident from losing it all no matter how much we have. That's what her story says to me.

  16. so in Mexico, I can have an abortion, I have healthcare, I have maternity leave, I have a retirement and savings plan. ...I'm not even Mexican and I have all this!!!!

  17. PBS Newshour just reported that Apple will now be selling repair kits and "encouraging customers to perform their own repairs from the comfort of home".

  18. I had an issue with my phone last week and took it to a repair place. Overhead the manager talking to another customer. He said Apple is a totally different company now. Used to be you couldn't easily get parts but now they will give any part imaginable but it voids warranty. He said it's not what it was when Jobs was alive.

  19. I've noticed that the order that will let me hit an incentive will be a no tip. Must be how they're getting people to do them.

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