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  1. Hopefully it's smooth and speedy for us all x

  2. :( i see i think because u have applied priority just to meet the deadline they asked again the same documents so that they can have more time!!! Saw kinda similar case on fb too.

  3. Yep, u can just ignore if u have uploaded all documents already.. when was ur bio??

  4. Oh ok. U should be hearing soon. In 1-2 weeks. Our bio is 23rd so do let us know when u hear bacn

  5. I had an issue with a finger. They couldn’t get a good print at all. I thought it was going to affect my application but it didn’t.

  6. I didn’t even get a decision made email. I did a paid enquiry and they told me a decision has been made. I then replied to the email and asked what date a decision was made and why I didn’t receive the decision made email. The kind lady then told me my passports in the process of being stamped in the VAC. Then I knew my wife’s been approved

  7. I wish you all the success in the world also! And no they did not, I had my docs checked Over before hand by a friend who is a solicitor, I had all the usual documents that are required I.e wage slips bank statements, proof of marriage photos WhatsApp convos , housing report , wife’s ielts and TB certificate, proofs of id, have you been asked for more docs?

  8. Not at all. I have been reading they usually ask to send again docs that were already uploaded.

  9. The trackers are notoriously slow. Mine updated 8WD after I had my passport in hand. 😂

  10. Yeah I once read here about someone that received the email three days later after noticing it is being transferred to VAC.

  11. So what happens after you get this green tick application translated to vac

  12. I love Turks, but after living in that country for 3 years I'm saying they were lying through their teeth and most likely place near the bottom on this list.

  13. Married in February 2022 , applied in May 2022, got refused in November 2022, re applied January 2023 and Alhamdulillah got the decision now on a Sunday

  14. Oh got it! Thank you so much! Where have u applied from? I’m still waiting for the second priority email!

  15. Okay the second email should follow up normally as it complements the first one but I wasn’t interested in priority anyways. I am sure the decision time is now faster.

  16. I received the first priority email today bio was just last week so from anecdotal evidence it looks like it's getting shorter. We're also not sure whether to take it or not because we're not in a rush and if the regular processing times also improve it might not be worth the extra cost.. but you can never know for sure how long it might take as each case is different.

  17. I won’t be going with the priority service but it is good to know the application is in process and visa would be granted in a short time.

  18. Hoping for best. Our application is straightforward and meet all mandatory requirements for the spouse visa. I m just praying that I receive priority email that will save us alot from mental distress trauma

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