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AITA for asking my bf to edit the caption on his Instagram post?

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  1. Yeah, it was kind boring and then the over the top thing is just not worth the story. Good to know that's the one, though, so I can avoid it in the future 😅 Thanks

  2. No problem! Yeeaah. I didn't connect with the characters because the story is so short. Also, the game basically forces you to save Sara at the end. If you choose to save Faith instead, you've essentially lost the game, because... fuck Faith I guess? Like, I know we were looking for Sara in the first place, but Faith was kidnapped just like her, but somehow Sara matters more. Why? She just does. Also the ending of the game is so unsatisfactory. Either Sara or Faith dies, and then the game is over. There is no conclusion. MC doesn't call the police or anything. Two people have just been brutally murdered by a cult, but whatever right?

  3. Oh wow, what kind of "choose your own adventure" doesn't let you choose 🤦‍♀️. Anyway, thanks again 💪

  4. Lmao, MC is fucking stupid too. The first step would be to call the cops right after James was murdered, but NOPE. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. YTA what is your problem, your friend has her own life. It isn't her grandma, and she doesnt owe you a damn thing outside of maybe a "I'm sorry for your loss" and that is it. Get over yourself and listen to your therapist more. She may have issues going to a funeral. She may not have the ability to take off income wise.

  6. Not only this, but why did OP feel the need to mention that Kay is black? How is that relevant to the story at all?

  7. I choose this option every time😂😂

  8. Big bodies of water (Anything bigger than a lake) and ships.

  9. He flat out can't believe her brother would say that. That's why he thinks his girlfriend is using her brother's phone. Gosh, OP, why are you against women making their own decisions???

  10. Oh, they can make their own decisions. They can decide what's for dinner. /s

  11. My thoughts exactly but I’ve never met someone who also thought this lol it’s always teal or pastel purple or something

  12. Oh yeah. The color itself isn't enough either. The shade of color I prefer also shifts. x)

  13. Being able to make people laugh without the use of vulgarities.

  14. Vet inte vad jag ska tänka om de tipsen. Har hört att man inte ska dricka alkohol när man tatueras eftersom det tunnar ut blodet?

  15. Tatueringar på kvinnor är inte fint, förstör inte din kropp. Du kommer aldrig se "pure" ut igen.

  16. Oroa dig inte. Jag har aldrig varit "pure" iallafall.

  17. Neither have I. I love how he just has this look of pained acceptance at the end.

  18. Yep, he doesn't have a stepson problem, but a spouse problem. He was 13 when they married, meaning he knows Jake at least since he was 11-12yo... the behavior just got to this point because she never cut it off.

  19. Where does it say that? Doesn't OP say that he was an alcoholic for 3 years and that he's been sober for another 3? He got married a year ago, or am I getting something wrong?

  20. Awesome I’m in my third band now. Wish you the best of luck buddy 🤘😁

  21. Yes! I've started to like my hair more in recent years, but still. Sometimes I get sad when I see all the hairstyles people with straight/wavy hair can do but I can't.

  22. my weight. I am a healthy, normal weight. I still 'feel' fat. I saw someone referenced

  23. I get it. I struggle with my body image from time to time. My BMI is normal, but I sometimes hate that my lower stomach isn't completely flat. I was a very skinny kid (underweight even if I ate normal amounts of food), and people would comment on the fact that I was so thin. I think my brain still hasn't accepted that I hit puberty and got more curves.

  24. Every day, somebody looks at the sky for the first time.

  25. Sorry for not explaining my self better. I just want to say again that I am not jealous of her. I love her so much and try to spoil her everytime I see her because she is literally the most cutest and precious girl.

  26. Det var jag igår. Åt inte bra och fick helveteskramper under eftermiddagen. Kändes som min mage höll på att brista.

  27. Teachers forcing students to be friends. When I was a kid, my teachers made me and my friend at the time accept another student into our group even though we didn't like her. Spoiler alert, that student ended up being a crappy "friend".

  28. Police officer. There's just something about a man in uniform. 😶

  29. I think he's reading between the lines. At one point, Jake asked if we had found something out in the meantime, and we tell him yes, but we can also choose not to specify what it's about. I'm guessing Jake is refering to that time.

  30. Lol, I read this quickly and thought you had written "abs".

  31. Ugh, yes. He's gross. Hot, but gross. I'm normally a sucker for rebels, but he's just... no.

  32. I remember thinking this is a multiplayer online game and I'm getting dms from weirdos. I avoided playing it for two freaking days!😂

  33. Omg me tooo! I freaked out. Uninstalled at once. 😭

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