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  1. I have one of rebel clash that I just pulled I’ve seen some on eBay of vivid voltage but not Rebel clash. How much do you pay for them?

  2. Hey man. I have an evolving skies Red tape error pack. I bought a booster box and just noticed the red around the pack. Are you interested? and if you could enlighten me... Do these error packs have better pulls or? I don't want to open it until I know more lol. If you are interested let me know

  3. I’m starting to think this stuff may begin to be considered collectible. Usually they say damage but I think this is pretty neat

  4. In MTG, this is quite a popular error. People in pokemon just don't know any better and assume everything is nondiscernable factory damage.

  5. Just like you don't know any better and waste your time insulting people online

  6. Anyone willing to explain to me what causes this misprint?

  7. Its called splice tape; It is meant to link rolls together to keep the packing process continuous. You can see these in a wide variety of products that include imagery of some sort, packaging, stickers, and such. I got some food products including an oreo package that has a tape.

  8. That's pretty neat. Can't remember if it's tape or something else.

  9. Ebay is pretty much one the best place to sell an error, not only you are reaching out to everyone across the world, but its also where a lot of people looking for misprints go to.

  10. Looks like a red tape pack, but a strange one. I wonder why it was still open. I would give a huge premium if it was still unopened, but I'm still interested in it if you want to get rid of it !

  11. Very dope if this is real, but my understanding of how “crimps” work is that the cards get caught in the machine that seals the pack? How would this card have fit into a pack if it got crimped here?

  12. You can imagine the pack sealing process as if it was a big long tube of uncunt booster pack strips. The cards for each respective booster pack are placed in the middle during the movement of that process. Further into it, the packs then get folded over and heat-sealed(Crimp) at the same time they are cut to separate them from each other.

  13. I have my doubt around it’s legitimacy tbh. Crimp should be a little larger and I doubt a card could fit into a pack like that without other damage. Crimps are easy to fake which is sad. But if this is legit that’s pretty sick

  14. I collect entire miscut decks and I am extremely interested in purchasing the whole deck. I sent you a pm.

  15. Yuh but this is the only crimped version of this card in the world rn. Crimps are rare, and this card is rare. So it’s like. Uber rare right? LMAO

  16. Crimps are by far rare; They are in fact the most common error. It doesn't make them worthless thought.

  17. DO NOT open red tape booster packs or any pack with errors. The cards inside are not affected.

  18. This apparently can happen at the end of the rolls where the booster wrappers come from. On Vintage packs it can fetch a premium, but I don't see why pullrates would be any better.

  19. I did! Thank you for the acknowledgment! (The kangaskhan in there is mine as well 🙂)

  20. I would be willing to sell them probably, but not really sure what theyre worth!

  21. i bought another one on ebay for like 5$, I believe it was champions path or another set

  22. I'll probably hang on to it then, I think it's cool and wouldn't wanna send it for $5. Thank you so much for helping me figure out what they are though!

  23. It's a print line. Usually decreases the value of a card

  24. I got a crimped gold pikachu from this same box

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