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  1. Children and adults are murdered by a transgender. Yet, here they are and celebrities pushing for this. The other day not even 72 hours, Biden says trannys are the soul of this nation… bruh.

  2. RS A real Life trendsetter Nigga influenced my whole style RS .

  3. In what way if I could ask? But yeah he don’t get his credit now that he gone. His close homies might have but he influenced the whole borough on the rap and vlogs.

  4. My Clothes Fosho he the reason I rock The Grey Brim Hats BB Belts ofc and The Monclear Vest/Coats. I blend the old with the new if u get what I’m saying

  5. Bitches be doing this shit like nothing in Africa with a kid on their back

  6. Imagine how much more gullible they about to be when AI gets better

  7. Thank you for sharing this, we need to get the mods to pin this. We need to promote productivity more in this subreddit

  8. Was he suppose to stand there and just get stabbed?

  9. No, but maybe he would not have gotten it that far if he didn’t prank someone at their place of work?

  10. Went there every summer with the fam. Great memories there, never ate the food there. We would bring our own and eat at the picnic area.

  11. Factsss EVERYTIME we popped out we were cooking out ‼️🤞🏾, still ain’t stop me tho I want rye play land food

  12. Lol I honestly don’t remember what they had. One thing for sure though if you wasn’t going home smelling like sweat and amusement park you ain’t did it right 😂

  13. How much you think these are going for on the street these days?

  14. No clue but I just looked up this company and the model stated, they range from $570+ based out of Turkey.

  15. Them caniks some of the best guns on the market rn

  16. Looks like it. I thought they wouldn’t but they will pack some heavy damage on the streets…

  17. Fire vibes 🔥why I see no fat people at all all these jawns type skinny lol

  18. You can bet your bottom dollar buddy, that those early cash withdrawers are not thinking about no tax form.

  19. GTV comes to mind when you mentioned rapper brand liquor. They pushed that shit every in the 2010s.

  20. It’s everywhere fam, majority so desensitized to it because it’s plastered to us at an early age.

  21. I'm 27 now but I had developed a real bad drug habit in high school and college. Went from vics, to percs, to perc 30s, to heroin and then fentanyl over the course of about 3 years.

  22. Out of all the replies on this, always appreciate the honesty and tribulations people go through and openly share.

  23. Built up my small account of 30 to 400 within 1.5 month of trading. I blew it up with being anxious, having a great position and not trusting my original entry. Over leveraged and blew it, this was this week. I learned my lesson.

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