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  1. My worst respone to an "I love you" was "wow that sucks for you".

  2. I once made the mistake of telling a really sweet, good looking, successful and caring man, who was very much into me, that I really liked him because he wasn't a bad boy and because he was sweet and kind. His whole mood changed, he became distant and he never asked me out again after that night.

  3. I've heard this from two women I've dated. Both ended up with their exes (cheaters, verbally abusive, bad boy types). Sucks to fall for a woman who thinks "you're TOO nice". Then again, maybe I sucked at picking them???

  4. In a world where Kourtney's deconstructed monstrosity exists this is simply untrue.

  5. I just hope it's the right ex-president and not an unexpected one.

  6. It's the former president who was accused of raping an underage girl. She was (allegedly)paid off at the beginning of his presidential campaign in 2015 and her attorney was Gloria Alred.

  7. Please share!! And I’ve definitely heard about Justin’s dad being on tour with him and taking advantage of girls there

  8. I'll just say that they have all raped underage girls. 🥺 This was known around 2010.

  9. I think you nailed it. It boils down to the fact she absolutely can't stand that Kourtney is the center of attention with her relationship with Travis. I also think it bothers Kim to see Kourtney essentially "spoiled" with Travis. Where he's obsessed with her. Kim never had a guy who she was the center of attention in their relationship. Plus I think it bothers her that Kourtney seems really happy bc deep down Kim is never actually happy or comfortable with herself.

  10. You're so right that she can't stand her own sister being happy. Because in Kim's eyes, she mADe thEm aLL, so they have to bend to HER rules and her vision.

  11. Kim looks like a wee granny who just won at bingo

  12. I'm cringing as I type. I'm embarrassed for her. If she didn't endorse this, she should insist they take it down!!

  13. Truly despicable and painful to hear. Kim is dim and as ignorant as they come. She will have a huge awakening when all her children become adults. She will then witness the hell that her kids will be subjected to as black individuals. Yes they have money and yes she's lucky she's not poor in America but she will see the difference between her privilege and the lack thereof towards her children. Austria was a tiny taster.

  14. The Kardashians (Kris, Kim, Khloe and Kylie) have no reason to not know about racism or the racist propaganda that has hurt black people for centuries in America.

  15. Also, growing up as a privileged black person does not make you immune to racism. Look what happened to Tiger Woods when he won the Masters Golf championship. People made jokes about including fried chicken at the dinner.

  16. shes a phony. but she doesnt get misty about caitlyn bc caitlyn humiliated her.

  17. There are scenes where she's legit crying TO Caitlyn about how everything went down. There's also a scene where she's ugly crying and saying how much she misses >dead name<.

  18. Nothing You said was wrong, I don’t get it. You’re a mom, I would think having some insight from other parents would put things in perspective as to why it’s strange to have parents be ok with their 16 year old daughter partying and dressing sexy looking like she’s 25 while her dad is right there? I’m not a mom but to me that behavior is Strange cause I’m a daughter and I know my parents would’ve never let me act like that let alone be there to witness these antics

  19. Yeh, I wonder where Travis and Shana's heads are. Like, what's their reasoning as parents?

  20. Ugh that makes me so ill. I'm so sorry that y'all faced this. I have light skinned family members who are fully black and get treated like this. I mean people straight up assume that they have a white parent and they do not. How rude to ask someone that in the first place! It makes me so angry.

  21. When I see a comment about how Khloe REALLY feels about her daughter, I perceive it as some of the writers projecting their OWN subconscious feelings about how THEY view her daughter.

  22. Absolutely! When I see some of these grown ass adults talking about how they feel sorry for True bc her mother hides her I am just like GOOD GRIEF. These people cannot win. It's not enough that we (the general public) rips them to shreds about everything else, but let's go ahead and tear them down as mothers too. Let's go ahead and pick apart their children too. Let's go ahead and keep mentioning on the internet that they only had half black children for attention and because they have no respect for themselves....that won't cause any harm at all! I think people really do spend a lot of time projecting their own shit onto these people, but it's getting so weird.

  23. Where I agree with your point that these kids might see this on the internet someday and feel like targets of grown people's suedo psychology, I think that's a price celebrities have to pay. Hopefully they're raising children with enough self esteem and common sense to either not bother with internet rhetoric or to be strong enough to let it roll off their backs.

  24. I find it really hard to believe whatever she's trying to project about her hair these days.

  25. This is great!! Keep drawing. Draw something every day. Then in a month, look at your progress. Keep doing this every month and watch how much you improve.

  26. It's the sex tape lie for me. But another one was the explanation of how Kylie went from having a small red gash in her big chin to large, pillowy pouty lips due to lAyerINg oN 9 liPstiCKs fROm Kylie's liPKit which made her tHE yOUngeST sELf mADe bilLiONaire. 🙄

  27. The fucking Kylie Jenner lip challenge too. Like I remember people genuinely thought she got big lips from a shot glass and I was like it’s very clearly lip filler lmfao

  28. Girls were literally out here hurting themselves - going to the ER - to get the lips that her lying ass had filled with hyaluronic acid !!

  29. My friend's daughter (24) just had her 3rd baby with a boyfriend who didn't want anymore after the first one. He relented on the 2nd one because she convinced him that it would be selfish for the first one to grow up an only child.

  30. Ugh, as those cringe sext ideas and their middle school football field movie night under a blanket groping constantly remind us, they love filling each other’s various holes. 🤢

  31. I don't believe a word Caitlyn says. I DO believe that Kris knew about the cross dressing though, but maybe thought it was just a kink. I think she's even acknowledged there was cross dressing.

  32. Probably depends on the house. A friend of a friend has a housemaid who not only cleans the house, but also cooks everyday, does grocery, laundry etc. and she lives with them.

  33. True that it depends on the person. But I was attempting to just point out that most people don't have a chef cooking for them all day everyday. Unless the homeowner has guests every night or dinner parties, it would really be wasteful.

  34. So your billionaire friend… is he a good person? Does he do charity stuff? I cannot grasp being a billionaire

  35. I used to think he was. He makes me money, he's generous to all his friends with help and gifts, and he would always offer one of his homes to me to stay, even when he was there, but usually when he was away, and I happen to be in that part of the state or country.

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